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Return the number of the split character

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In my 24 hour scenario, there are a series of events which require the party to split up. This also involves setting the split off character to a variable so I can use it in special encounters. I've looked at the appendix and there doesn't appear to be a call which returns the number of the character chosen, and I don't know how split parties work so I'm not sure how to work around it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
Is there a way to get the number of the currently active character? I think the split character us always active while the party is split...

I can't tell if you're asking a question or if you're trying to lead me to some conclusion. I do not know of any call or variable that returns the active character.
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if you're using try_to_split_party, maybe you could instead replicate that with run_select_a_pc followed by split_off_one_char.


Alternatively, random_party_member() might work - it definitely only selects living PCs, so it might only select the split character.

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