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Weird spells in Exile 3


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Annoying is right! That is why I began training my mages in fighters skills, so they could at least don a fair amount of armor and defend themselves. That is also why I missed the antimagic field spells in Avernum. Since I had learned just how annoying it was to have it happen to me, I knew that it would be equally annoying to any enemy magic user, and I used the spell quite liberally.

I want one of those super null bugs in my soul-crystal, right along with my basilisk.

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They did have null bugs in A4 or A5 (don't remember now) but instead of emitting an anti magic field they just absorbed a large chunk of your mana, which was annoying as hell, at least with anti-magic fields you didn't have to trudge all the way back to a town after every battle

(in case you didn't know, anti magic just prevents spells from being cast or take effect it doesn't touch your spell points).


I really expected quickfire to spring out from the volcano mission in A5 (in the vhanatai lands), and was thoroughly disappointed when it didn't even though I should have known better.

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What Avernum spoilers? The fact that Avernum 5 has different null bugs and a volcano mission? O_o


Given the relationship between Exile and Avernum, some spillage of topic content is inevitable. Not allowing discussion of both Exile and Avernum at the same time, or restricting it to General, would be ridiculous. IMHO.

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