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Gremlin Cave

Vixen the Thief

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I'm in the Gremlin Cave. The walkthrough says this:


Look for a secret passage in the west wall of the large cave in the northeast. It will lead to a teleporter.

It will lead you to a secret Empire base elsewhere on the map, where you will have to fight off a bunch of Empire soldiers.

You can loot the two chests once theyre all dead. Look for a secret passage behind the bed in the southeastern bedroom.

Unfortunately there is nothing in any of the boxes. Step in the portal and you will be zapped to another area of the

cave. Here you will find a magic crystal sphere thingy that the soldiers were using to communicate with the surface world.


So I enter the portal and get in a empty square with a secret passage back in the main cave. I can't get to the sphere, I've tried not pulling the switch, I've tried pulling it, nothing works. Any ideas?

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