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Download the demo(s) and try them out. smile That'll give you some idea of what they're about, at least.


Note that if you have a Mac you'll need an emulator of some kind, such as CrossOver. (The game won't work under DarWine because of (I think) a bug in the default X11 that comes with the Mac.)

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While Exile I is the original, it is *tough* in the beginning, and it has a more primitive engine than the other two. Exile II is my favorite, but the game sort of throws you into the action early on, which can be a shock. Exile III might be the best to start out on -- at least that's what I started out playing (when I thought that creating a party and "PCs" were about Personal Computers!)


All in all, you can't really go wrong with any of them, so just have fun.

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the empress' father (obviously, the emperor) was killed at the end of the first game. in the second game, the empire attacks avernum, but the vahnatai help avernum because the empire stole some crystal souls. in the third game, one of the vahnatai (rentar) attacks the surface in revenge, but avernum helps fight her off and gets rewarded with some land. in the 4th game (not in the exile series), she attacks avernum for helping the empire.

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