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I have graphics but cant bring it here


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Using net in mobile has made me handicapped. I am just trying to help. No thats not a custom graphics. Its a concept pic from battle setup from Mahabharat. I have posted it on my community "spiderwebsoftware" on orkut. You may not like it in first look but its a concept pic and has some description with it which I know. So if it look interesting bring it here may be I can help someone in creating the tricky fight ever.


Also I have a lot of non playing character nice names in mind if someone is interested in some brand new names please let me know. May be I can help someone.


Thank you.

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Originally Posted By: Skeeter
Correct answer: nothing. Looks like Salmon's joke about designing on a mobile 'phone is about to become a sad reality.

No plan to be a designer in near future. I was trying to help if someone is interested. I can repeat *i advice for those who trying to help you tongue
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He made a picture detailing a concept for what he says would make a good battle for whatever scenario includes it. He doesn't know how to post it on the forum, so he just told us he posted it on the Spiderweb Software community profile on Orkut (a social networking site). Honestly, it seems like you're not even trying to understand him. Don't be rude, he's doing his best.


EDIT: Here's the link: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_6rrY75d190Y/ShliGXFXaAI/AAAAAAAAABE/NMFKbGein0s/s400/Image(123).jpg


I'm not entirely sure what's going on in that battle. It's a pretty formation, but it looks like, in BoA terms, it would be a dull hackfest. In general, huge swarms of bland soldiers make for little more than a test of patience rather than an enjoyable playing experience. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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@ Slarty: Good hands of my sister on drawing board and my mobile camera smile


Description of the pic: as I said the pic is conceptual. The people in setup are not standing on their place. Actually you will need some programming NPCs. Modern time researchers have failed to make the full view and they have only managed to find 4 doors. The original setup had 7. The most deadly one still need to be searched. However let me explain it. Start from outside. If you consider it as a gate you will see the soldiers standing next to it making a 2nd gate. By now its pretty easy. But what you will say if the outer soldiers start to move in clockwise and the 2nd one in anti-clockwise? And so on and so forth for all the lines. Now see what you are looking is the still and the easiest escapable setup which you will never create. It is just the easiest setup which has least probability to happen at a given time. You should start the battle with all the gates randomly placed and make the soldier tough.Say party is fighting with clockwise moving soldiers. Party will have to use trick to wait and actually reach the second door. It will be a foolishness to fight. It need to be a escaping battle needed to be reach in middle.


If you are interested in knowing the history and success. This setup was created by the most brilliant person of fight in Indian history. Only he and his dearest disciple Arjun knew the solution but circumstances made them to fight against each other. So he fought cunningly and forced Arjun to go away from battle field by bait. He ambushed entire enemy army. No one knew the solution and they were dying. Then cute newb 18 year Arjun's son came and said that he know the solution of 6 doors he must be allowed to go for it may be he can luckily break the 7 too. They had no choice. The 18 year guy managed to rock through the 6 doors because his father told him solution once. Whereas his entire army stuck at the first door. The mighty whole army got stuck. So was the boy too powerful? No it was a great puzzle. Eventually he died because he was alone and failed to solve the 7th door himself frown


But he showed the escape door which gave standing to his army till Arjun does not came back. See if you fight blindly even a whole battle is weak if you fight with mind. A new warrior is enough. What a puzzle.*wonders*

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