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Bag of Sugar in Avernum 1

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Besides it's better to sell it, because if you fulfill the quest then doesn't it effect your reputation?

I like to solve every quest in my games, be it good or bad smile

Can't you get more than one bag of sugar? Maybe I'm thinking of something else though....

Didn`t find another one in website with annoted maps.
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Sorry for the necro, hope this counts as 'continuing the discussion'. I just wanted to let any other searchers with this problem know: you're not out of luck on the sugar quest if you sold/lost the Fort Avernum sugar, at least in the full version of the Escape from the Pit remake. There is another bag in Swamp City, one of the northern slith forts. That's the fort where

Click to reveal..
you have the option of crushing the slith eggs.


I had given up on finishing that quest after reading this thread, so I was very excited to find it randomly. No idea whether it's there in the original or not, but the two games seem to be very similar so it may be worth a look.

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