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BoA Editor question/unique graphics request


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1. Where is the create town entrance button for the BoA 3-D editor, version 3.2?


2. This is a strange question, but could anyone send me a copy of a graphics folder? The ones I have are


Art Graphics

Character Graphics

Editor Graphics

Game Graphics

Item Graphics

Terrian Graphics


Now, I'm almost certin I'm missing one, but I can not remember which one I'm missing. It's the one that has the portraits of the scenario's in the scenario chosing bar's if that helps. If not, I have a completly different problem.


The Last Archon

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1. In the latest Windows version, I don't think that it has moved from the original location, seventh in the second row. (It would help in future to state what platform you're on explicitly, as despite the Windows version's wildly increasing version number, it still lags behind the Macintosh version in terms of a number of changes.


2. At least in the Macintosh version of the game the, the scenario icons are in the file 'Scen Icon Graphics'. If you think that something is damaged or missing, download the game again, I would say.

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Something is wrong. I just downloaded a fresh copy of the editor from Ishad Nha's site and the graphics sheet was not their, nor was it in the download.


On a side note, is their an options menu for looking in 3-D? I only did it once and every time I use the editor it just shows me in the regular 2-D view.


The Last Archon

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