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But they are walking like ghost!!

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Thuryl gave you two very clear suggestions, it might be best to react politely if you don't understand them.


That being said, I think the more likely explanation is that you have accidentally used secret door terrains instead of regular walls. Look to see if they has little 'SD' icons attached to them. If so, they are secret doors and you need to replace them with regular walls (terrains 2-9 and 38-45).


If that doesn't turn out to be the problem, take another look at the possible causes Thuryl suggested. One is that you have activated the game's debug mode and given yourself the ability to walk through obstacles. If you didn't deliberately do this, it probably i not the problem. The other is that you may have edited the definitions of the terrains in the scenario's datascript such that they no longer block motion. If you haven't edited your scenario's datascript then this is not the case. If you have, look closely at the definitions you wrote to find out if you introduced this change accidentally.

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Well it is fixed but the new problem is more frustrating.I am sure if no one tell me about what problem they faced while learning i will spend a good time asking am i dumb and should i really try to be a designer.

Well... i have created icky dungeon and i spend good time spoiling(editing dude) warrior grove

and towns from valley of dying things but after this i am stuck.I understand word to word till the creation of icky dungeon but after this i feel too fishy and i seriously cant figure what is the next thing to learn.


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