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Demos won't install


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Hi there, I've tried downloading several of the demos and have had spotty luck at actually getting the installation exe to run.


So far Nethergate's the only one that's successfully installed on my computer. But Geneforge 2 and Avernum 3 won't install. I've tried dowloading GF2 only once, but have given it a go with each of the Av3 links offered. Each time I try to run the demo.exe file the blue Install screen flashes very briefly and that's it.


Could the file be getting corrupted every time I download?


I guess it could be a problem on my end but I don't know why Nethergate would install correctly and the others won't.


What up? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply.


I'm on windows 98, dinosaur edition (read: not 2nd) and after the first failed install I kept everything closed while downloading.


I would try a different place to download the installers from but every place I've been able to find is just linking back to the spidweb or ironycentral downloads.


Are there other download sites out there?

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