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G5 quest list [big, nasty spoilers][G5]

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Pacification Fields

Q: Escape the Fields, default

Q: Enter Minallah, default



Q: Bounty: Shrouded Rogues, sign post near the barracks - 250 coins

Q: Mad, Flaming Fyora, Captain Valentin - 200 coins

Q: Find Kahl (after Mad, Flaming Fyora), Captain Valentin - Shielding Band, Essence and Healing Pods

Q: The Testing Halls (after killing the Presence), Mind Shimp - Polar Fur Cloak, Healing Pod, Curing Pod, and Speed Pod

Q: Malfunctioning Mines, Lazzaria - Bronze Shortsword and Chitin Shield

Q: Twixx, Keeper Cooper - XP (plus some Shaper reputation if you decided to kill the servile)

Q: Thahds in the Workshop, Barcott - Wand of Weakness and access to more stock


Isenwood's Spire

Q: The Presence, Shaper Rawal - Create Roamer, Essence Shield, and Searer

Q: The Shadow Road, Shaper Rawal - 800 coins, Terror, and Create Battle Alpha

Q: Canister Tome, Shaper Rawal - 1000 coins, Major Heal, and Create Wingbolt

Q: Kill Platano, Shaper Rawal - Essence Charm, +1 Strength, and +1 Endurance

Q: Agent Micheline, Agent Alurha - Agent Micheline questline

Q: Storeroom Rogues, Shaper Bruel - Access to the storeroom

Q: Crystal for the Forge, Sage Fefer - Runed Ruby


Foundry Promenade

Q: Three Pylons, Private Savage - Living Tool, and Speed Spores


Testing Halls

Q: Herbs for Phipps, Master Phipps - Recipe for Purifying Elixir and perfeced equipment


Whitespires Pass

Q: Jelinik's Inn, Jelinik - 250 coins


North Mera Road

Q: Koski: the Brigand, Modell - Access to treasure



Q: See Astoria, Sergeant Shick

Q: Bounty: Roamers, sign post near the barracks - 300 coins

Q: Papers for Rawal, Juergen - Shaped Fiber Cloak

Q: Noxious Powders, Denna

Q: Info for Micheline, Agent Micheline - 400 coins, Terror Wand, and +3 Shaper reputation if conveyed (-2 towards the Rebel


reputation if lied)

Q: The Trakovite Lair, Agent Micheline - +3 to Shaper reputation if conveyed (-2 towards Rebel reputation if lied)

Q: The Lost Anvil, Dorgum - Access to Shaped stock



Q: Hunting Bennhold, Captain Herszen - Samaritan Sandals

Q: Find Gorash-Kel, Sage Quothe - Lowers prices from "Exorbitant" to "Slightly Expensive", and 2 Resistance Spores

Q: Kill an Unbound, Sage Quothe - Wand of the Inferno, and 2 Restoration Spores

Q: Free the Fen, Sage Quothe - Grounding Plate

Q: Baston's Room, Agent Astoria - Access to training

Q: Murkwood Assassin, Agent Astoria - 300 coins

Q: Kratoa-Kel, Agent Astoria - Ethereal Seal

Q: Aid Dominic, Agent Astoria - 400 coins, Terror Wand (to Astoria's faction)

Q: Contact Tholoss, Agent Astoria - 500 coins, Etheareal Bindings, and a Steel Spine (to Astoria's faction)

Q: Astoria's Letters, Agent Astoria - 500 coins, Agent Cloak, and a Runed Onyx (factional)

Q: Break the Line, Agent Astoria - 700 coins, Impervious Band, and a Tiny Orb of Mist (factional)

Q: The Purity Agent, Agent Astoria - 1000 coins, Demon Fang Talisman, and a Golden Crystal (factional)

Q: Go to the Council, Agent Astoria - Endgame

Q: The Lost Ornk, Sergeant Flesch - Shaped Shield (+3 to Shaper reputation if killed, -3 towards Rebel reputation if set free)



Q: Shaper Papers, Arongo - (-2 towards Rebel reputation)

Q: Nodye Pass Tunnel, Learned Dominic - Access to storeroom (depends on what you did first)

Q: The Fen Bandits, Learned Dominic - More access to storeroom (depends on what you did first)



Q: Papers for Kaz, Labaton - 200 coins, and a pair of Fine Silk Pantaloons (-3 towards Rebel reputation)

Q: Rebels in the Swamp, Celaa


Below Nodye Pass

Q: Aranov's Herbs, Aranov - 50 coins per bundle


Trakovite Haven

Q: Reinhart the Trakovite, Caretaker Eloise - 200 coins and a Singing Rapier

Q: Stubborn Lum, Caretaker Eloise (if Trakovite)

Q: The Trakovite Hunter, ex-Shaper Litalia - (-2 towards Rebel reputation, towards Trakovite faction)

Q: The Canister Cache, ex-Shaper Litalia - (towards Trakovite faction)

Q: Free the Shredbugs in the Secret Laboratory, Litalia (factional)

Q: Control Core B, ex-Shaper Litalia (factional)

Q:The Purity Agent - Destroy Taygen's Work, ex-Shaper Litalia (factional)

Q: Go to the Council, ex-Shaper Litalia

Q: The Traitor Toroth, Jesstres



Q: Creations Ledger, Glenny - 1000 coins



Q: Rawal's Lost Sheep, Trahan - Flamecaster's Shawl and 5 gemstones

Q: The River Bandits, Commander Illyara - 300 coins, Corrupting Baton, and a Runed Ruby

Q: East Field Bugs, Commander Illyara (if leaning towards Shapers) - 300 coins, and a Fyora-Scale Shield

Q: Bounty: Khysakks, signpost near barracks - 300 coins and the Lucky Charm

Q: The Haunted Mine, Dinora - Radiant Crystal, Beautiful Crystals, and access to her private stock

Q: Help For Serviles, Preva - (-3 towards Rebel reputation)

Q: Lost Caravan, Bellock - Dhonal's Band and direction to Sage Taygen

Q: Alpha Paperwork, Warzana - According to Leadership (with 11, you get 475 coins; if asked Alpha 17 to return, which it wont, 100





Q: Journey to the Drakons, General Alwan - 750 coins and a Projecting Belt (+3 to Shaper reputation if conveyed. -3 towards Rebel reputation if lied)

Q: Control Core B, General Alwan - 500 coins, and a Rod of Alacrity (+3 to Shaper Reputation; admission to Alwan's faction)

Q: Unbound Sample, General Alwan - 500 coins, Runed Onyx, and a Guardian Cloak (factional)

Q: Shadow Road Rogues, General Alwan - 750 coins, Runed Onyx, and an Impervious Band (factional)

Q: The Purity Agent, General Alwan - 1000 coins, Gloves of the Hammer, and a Golden Crystal

Q: Go to the Council, General Alwan - Endgame

Q: Servile Spy, Pepoy - (-3 towards Rebel reputation)

Q: Saving Vener, Vener

Q: Fort Vengeance Message, Sage Pavyl - Speed Spores, Resistance Spores, Ensnaring Fibres, and a Radiant Crystal


Fort Defiance

Q: Return Shaper Papers, Shaper Alexie - 1000 coins, and the Skein of Wisdom (+3 to Shaper reputation; +3 more if given Research


Notes, teaches a point of create Drayk if given 8)


Fort Vengeance

Q: Hatra Glaahks, Guardian Genzlen - 250 coins, a Shapemaster Belt


Fort Rockwell

Q: Amulet Recovery, Commander Rossi - access to Blessed Anvil (+3 to Shaper reputation if conveyed)



Q: Phyllida's Amulet, Phyllida (Rebels only) - (-3 towards Rebel reputation)

Q: Lethia Pass, Mehken

Q: Find Trakovite Lair, Sakkash

Q: Kill Litalia, Sakkash

Q: Break the Line, Ghaldring

Q: Find Tholoss, Ghaldring

Q: Kill The 4 Council Members, Ghaldring


Perikalia Orchards

Q: Quirce's Stable, Quirce - Unlocks a SE-tern building that conatains a Runed Onyx and a canister of Essence Lances


Zephyr Oasis

Q: Reclaim Camp Dranir, Sage Taygen - 250 coins, and a Rod of Battle (+3 Shaper reputation)

Q: Aid Platano, Sage Taygen - 500 coins, and a Wand of the Inferno (+3 Shaper reputation and admission to Taygen's loony faction)

Q: The Proto-Fyora, Sage Taygen (factional)

Q: Get Orb in Secret Lab, Sage Taygen (factional)

Q: Get Ingredient in Dera Vault, Sage Taygen (factional)

Q: Complete the Purity Agent, Sage Taygen (factional)

Q: Go to the Council, Sage Taygen (factional)

Q: Bounty: Wingbolts, signpost near the commander's office - 400 coins and Sapphire Legplates

Q: Delivery: Platano, Commander Pritz - Radiant Crystal, Lighting Crystal, Major Healing Pod, and a Berserker Pod

Q: Hunting Bennhold, Commander Pritz - 700 coins and a Fibrous Breastplate

Q: Drakon Sighting, Commander Pritz - 300 coins(+2 Shaper reputation and another 250 coins and +2 Shaper reputation if killed;


250 coins and -2 towards Rebel reputation if lied)

Q: Camp East Alpha, Federa - Access to a chest in Camp East Alpha (+3 Shaper reputation; -2 towards Rebel reputation if lied)

Q: Free Camp Dranir, Denna - Tek's Spectral Dirk


Dera South Shore

Q: Dera Drakons, Fitz - Unlocks a door to the Blessed Anvil



For reference mostly. I might add all the reputation encounter available in the game.


Format mostly is *quest name*, *quest giver* - *possible reward*

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You may want to add the following.


Trakovite Lair:


Litalia - Control core B - destroy the minds

Litalia - The purity agent - destroy Taygen's work

Litalia - Go to the council


North storm plains:


Help Giselle clear the room in the inn




Mehken - Lethia Pass

Sakkash - Find trakovite lair

Sakkash - Kill Litalia

Ghaldring - Break the line

Ghaldring - Find tholoss

Ghaldring - Kill the 4 council members


Zephyr Oasis:


Taygen - Get orb in secret lab

Taygen - Get ingredient in Dera vault

Taygen - Complete the purity agent

Taygen - Go to the council


Sorry if I missed any or listed a redundant quest.

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