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E3 bows


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I know about the Fury Crossbow, and I'll probably go get it sometime. But what's the best bow in the game, and where can I get it? The best I've found so far is Yew, but I keep finding awesome arrows. I have piles of arrows of light, arrows of life, burning arrows, exploding arrows, magic arrows, and I found the infinite arrow. But the Yew Bow still isn't anywhere near as damage-effective as a crossbow. Any magic/blessed bows in the game?

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There should be Magic Bows with a bonus of 4, but I couldn't tell you where to find one.


There also may be a Bow of Kag (cursed) and an Archer's Bow (a Yew Bow + protection), if the BoE items list is any indication.



Actually, if you go into the character editor you can see the whole item list (or most of it at least) in the menus.

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