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G5 cheats.[G5]

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These are the official cheat codes and any others are unsupported so they can cause game problems:


healmenow - Heal your group.

shieldsup – Blesses your entire group.

rechargeme - Recharge your essence and energy.

exitzone - Takes you out of the zone you are in and sends you to the world map. Very useful if you get stuck. If you are in a dungeon or other zone that doesn’t appear on the world map, you will be sent to the Minallah gates.

pleaselikeme - Makes all of the areas in the game forget your crimes. If you were hated there, you won’t be anymore. Note that certain crimes (stealing artifacts, killing major characters) won’t be forgotten.

Also, once you have killed a member of the Shaper Council, their hate for you can’t be removed.

iamweak - Gives you some experience.

iampoor – Gives you some money.

clearthisarea - Turns the current area green on the world map.

giveasnack - Gives your main character some cake.

showmeall - Make all characters (even ones you can’t see) appear on your automap.

dontshowmeall - Stop making all characters appear on your automap.

iloverebels – Give yourself a very good reputation with the rebels.

ihaterebels – Give yourself a very good reputation with the Shapers.

whereami – Gives your current location of your lifecrafter in game coordinates. Not really useful, except for reporting bugs and telling people where to find neat stuff.

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That's cool. It came in real handy after I played through end-game aligned with Astoria then went to an earlier save game and wanted to (spoiler) when I wanted to take a different (spoiler). smile


Anyhow, I really like this latest (and last cry) Geneforge.


There is so much replayability that it's like several games!


The next releases from SpidWeb are on my "can't wait" list!


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Are you sure you've actually used up a significant amount of essence for the cheat to replace? It's not going to do anything if you're already at full spell energy and essence and you will probably have a hard time noticing anything if it only replaces a small amount of essence. (Remember, any creations you currently have will reduce the total essence you have available and prevent the essence bar from filling completely.)


Dikiyoba has used that cheat before, so Dikiyoba knows it works.

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