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Photo Thread Reborn


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Originally Posted By: Master1
What did that poor flower do to deserve being shot?

It failed to run in time. tongue

Carnations in a creek


This is probably the only day of the year that this rosebush will look good. (It's already starting to get fried by the sun, but you can't really see it in this photo.)

Dikiyoba got some really cool pictures today. If only Dikiyoba had a really cool organizational scheme to go along with them...
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So, here's my two cents, since I'm working through iPhoto (or rather, around).


First, get an account at Flickr. Much free storage, reasonable rates for unlimited photo hosting.


Second, get the uploader thingy from this page. You can just upload things through the web client, but I find the uploader to be simpler. (It's pretty self-explanatory)


Third, when you have photos in iPhoto, right-click one of them, and select Show File. That'll navigate you in the Finder to the exact location of the photo, and you can copy it to the desktop for easy uploading.


I hope that helps.

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That last picture (now the only picture, since my links were being squirrelly) is lightning hitting Mount Sopris at sunset. Pretty spectacular evening.


The other one I feel obligated to include, since it sort of posted before, is more self explanatory: cattle drive.


Colorado's quite a varied state, but my neck of the woods has cold winters and hot, but not humid, summers. I wouldn't mind a bit more moisture, but a few conifers and the occasional forest fire is a small price to pay to live in the middle of hundreds of square miles of National Forest.

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