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Photo Thread Reborn


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Oh, wait. Nope, I don't. Cuz guess what... IT'S STILL SNOWING!


Like, for real, mother nature has a cold cold heart and it ain't never gonna warm up.


In other news, one of my photo posts was eaten by the UBB so I will attempt to reconstruct it here.


Greetings from Chicago! If I had a working camera you'd be getting pictures of skyscrapers. As it is you'll just have to make do with palm trees in Hawaii.


Caribbean Royal Palm.


The branch of a Talipot Palm.


Again, I admire my sister's way of getting a good perspective shot.

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So are we just making this the new photo thread, or what?


(Re: Global Warming... As someone who has spent 4 years in an academic institution studying it and related matters, the problem isn't that things are going to get warmer everywhere. Really, the problem will likely be the total destabilization of the current global climate patterns, which we've only barely begun to understand as is. What comes after that is something we cannot predict with any real accuracy, and thus would have serious difficulty adapting to. Ergo, let's stick with the insanely complicated system we kinda know instead of one that is less predictable and possibly more extreme.


Also, please please please please please let's not hear any more of this "Global warming/climate change isn't real 'cause it snowed here today" stuff. It's ridiculous and irrelevant, because snow on a given day is weather, a subsystem of climate that is prone to much greater unpredictability. It's the larger pattern that the serious climate scientists are worried about. So take it from someone who has some knowledge about the subject, and shut up. :p )

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Isn't Earth overdue for a pole shift? Couldn't this be responsible?


I'm not going to pretend to understand this issue, I don't. I'm not going to get worked up over something I barely understand, because I sincerely doubt that what I'm fed by the media covers even 10% of the real issue and then embellishes on the little it does cover.


I do believe, however, global warming or no, it's important for us to constantly try to improve our impact on our ecosystem. There's no reason why we shouldn't try to reduce pollution. And for everyone who's clamoring for a government-controlled response, try making a small difference yourself by reducing your own pollution and picking up trash wherever you see it. Of course, don't throw your trash on the ground. I'm always amazed to see garbage out in the woods. Aren't outdoorsy people the ones who should care most about our enviroment?


Beautiful pictures, by the way. I wish I had a camera so I could share some of my small hikes with you guys.

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Yeah, it was my intent to use this for nature photos.


Also, please please please please please let's not hear any more of this "Global warming/climate change isn't real 'cause it snowed here today" stuff.


I only use these buzzwords to make fun of the buzzwords. Last year it was already said that 'Global warming' didn't really mean the whole globe was getting warmer. I expect the climate to change with or without greenhouse gasses which are probably speeding up the process. But change is inevitable, we might be able to slow change but we'll still need to adapt eventually.

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The short answer is no.


Another level on which this issue needs to be addressed, is the cultural and psychological level. So long as we continue to kill each other over petty things, and so long as we have a culture which rewards those people who don't take responsibility for their actions, people will continue to trash the environment, too.

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Wait, you people think it's annoying when someone says that global warming isn't real because it's cold or snowing? Try moving up here, where some inane idiot says it every five bloody minutes.


@Jewels: Trade your snow for our snow. Yes, it's melting, but we still have drifts of it.


Actually, y'know what? I don't need you to take the snow - just our sand. We're already getting those picturesque mounds of grit that get heaped on the boulevards every spring.



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Does the forum load the pictures even when they're spoilered?


(thinks he's on to something smart and cool)


Also, I could get you pictures of what I see every morning I go to school. It's pretty and annoying. But first I'll need to a)get rid of this ugly thing on my leg which hurts b)get my camera back from my girlfriend.

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But first I'll need to a)get rid of this ugly thing on my leg which hurts...




Fitted with a global positioning tracking unit on your ankle?


Next couple of photos. Pineapple Fields. This remind anyone else of Super Mario Brothers 2?


Postcard perfect day at Wakiki Beach. That water is sooo blue.

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Thing because, well, I don't know what's it called in

English. The internet dictionary doesn't say anything either.

It's what you get when you have a trauma and your traumated part goes purple due to blood inside. Only this time, it's

Click to reveal..
turned out as a small icky bubble
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Yeah, what was said. Still, no camera. I can't share my cool surroundings with you until Monday or such. That makes me sad.


(Also, my thermometer says it's 25 degrees C outside! [that's 77 F], but it's sitting in the sun, so it's not reliable. The other one says 10 degrees, and that makes me sad.)

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Originally Posted By: Dintiradan
They still call that area Moab? Anyway, all the best for the trip.

I would wonder why they called it that in the first place, let alone keep that name. I don't understand why you would choose a name in Hebrew that has something to do with incest ("from the father").
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Thank my sister and her trip to Hawaii. She has made me envious, too. wink


Might as well add some more.




Important Announcement


After careful consideration, Yahoo! has decided to close GeoCities later this year.


You can continue enjoying your GeoCities service until then, and when we close, we'll make it easy for you to transition to Yahoo! Web Hosting. You don't need to change a thing right now — we just wanted you to let you know about the closure as soon as possible. We'll share more details this summer. For now, please visit the help center for more information.




Oh, this is going to be a nightmare...




Some sea turtles.


And Rainbow Falls.

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