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ancient member back from the dead, with questions about E2


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I've been a member for a while, took a hiatus of a few years...finally bought E2, love it, and have some questions.


1. Does Khoth play a role in E2? Is it possible to see him?

2. What's the use for random ingredients found outside like crypt shroom and aescal shrooms (I think)

3. How does mindduel work exactly? I minddueled a mage and killed him. I assume the dumbfound/death only happens after the spell points are all gone? And if I mindduel while I have my max MP, will my max rise?

4. My characters are level 35 (fighter) 27 (fighter) 35 (ranger) 24 (thief) 26 (mage) 25 (priest). My mage and priest have 12 and 11 intelligence, respectively. Mage has 71 mp, priest has 80. I'm about to go tackle fort Kothtar, and then attempt to rescue Caffren from Ornotha Ziggurat (I already got Jekknol from Pyrog's Cave, and I found it really easy). So, when leveling up, do you think I should focus on getting my spellcasters more intelligence, or more mp?

5. Also, is there a reason my priest does more damage with his spells than my mage does? My mage has more intelligence, but my priest's flamestrike spell always does WAY more damage than my mage's fireball or firestorm. My mage has Micah's Gloves, too. Say my mage casts firestorm...it might do in the 30s or 40s of damage. Priest casts Flamestrike, it can do 60-upper 70s damage.

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1. He's present in the background, but no, you don't meet him.


2. Alchemy, I believe.


3. I'm not sure of the mechanics, but I know you kill mages after draining them and that while you can't raise your spell point cap you can exceed it with points gained by minddueling. That's actually a very useful trick.


4. It's been too long since I played E2 for me to be confident of optimal builds, but I'd say Intelligence. You can always use potions and more effective spells are generally a better idea than simply more spells.


5. I'm not sure, but flamestrike is a higher level spell than fireball and therefore likely to deal more damage.


—Alorael, who realizes now that's it's been over a year since he played BoE and probably much closer to a decade since he's played any of the original trilogy games. Wow.

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Thanks! That's too bad about Khoth...he's my favorite dragon.


I fell in love with Exile before Avernum came out, and when Avernum came out it just didn't sit right with me...I played through (and enjoyed) A1 (after which I can't go back to the original Exile 1) but I still love the magic/spell system in exile more than Avernum. Yay area of effect and wall/field spells! Something about having a battlefield cluttered with fire, lightning, ice, bladewalls and antimagic clouds just makes it more satisfying for me.


But thanks for the answers. I'll go with intelligence for now. The extra MP from mindduels is good for my mage, and 80 mp is good enough (for now) for my priest.


2nd level of Kothtar now...much more interesting than most other dungeons so far (except Sixus' tower and halls). Kinda getting tired of the corridors. While fighting some champions, I keep hearing the "monster breaking a barrier" noise and getting messages "mung demon" undamaged. I hate mung demons.

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Originally Posted By: Cryomancer
my priest's flamestrike spell always does WAY more damage than my mage's fireball or firestorm.

(Emphasis added.)

I didn't know why flamestrike does more damage than firestorm, but I did know why it does more than fireball. I answered the part I could.

—Alorael, who has a vague sense that divine thud does more damage than fireball and therefore apparently more than firestorm. It also has a lovely name.
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After a while of using them both, I think that divine thud is stronger than firestorm...it consistently does more damage, and there have been a couple times it's done around 70 damage. I still don't use it a lot though...costs a lot of MP to be throwing around.


So, what's the verdict on Shockwave? I haven't gotten the spell yet (it's one of a couple spells I don't have yet). When I've had shockwave scrolls in the past, I used them to start a combat, and then do major blessing/summonings etc. It worked nicely on mid/upper-mid level enemies, but is it worth casting on high level crowds (mutant giants/evil high priests/wizards/bladesmen/empire archers etc)?

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Shockwave is the best area effect spell because it covers a large area and increases in damage as it moves away from the spellcaster. Best to be used in the second round when the first is used for buffing. Be sure to also move your party together to minimize your own damage.


4 castings of shockwave will take out almost everything in the area and leave only a few out of a swarm of 20 for the fighters or priest with divine thud.

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Yeah, I figured Shockwave would be most useful in single-encounter large-scale battles without any allies. Limits its usefulness, but still awesome when available.


Think my party can survive Akhronath now? They're all in the 30s as far as levels go, and I've gotten both other crystal souls back with not too much difficulty.My mage has 71 normal max mp, my priest has 81. But my mage mindduels so much that at any time his mp could be from 100-200.


I used my mage to retrieve demonslayer. Major blessed himself before picking it up. Picked it up, went to combat mode, summoned an ur-basilisk, then covered himself and the basilisk in an antimagic cloud. Sometimes I'd step out to hit something with an icebolt. Eventually summoned another ur-basilisk. Killed every enemy in this way, with some MP left to spare. Had my priest make curing potions and graymold salve beforehand in case my mage got diseased/poisoned, which he did, and used the potions to great effect. Yay alchemy!


Speaking of alchemy, anyone know why so few potions can be made in E2? No medium/strong energy potions, or speed potions, or potions of clarity...kinda disappointing. But I use alchemy a lot so I don't have to buy potions, and so I don't waste my priest's MP with individual healing/curing. I generally only use revive all, major cleansing, and heal all when all my party members are sick/poisoned/badly injured.


Random question. Any way to enter Bargha? It was one of my favorite towns in E1. And is there anything interesting in Harston?


Another random question. There are a couple outdoor encounters when people/creatures are sick and ask for healing, but I can't give it, either because I don't have something or don't know something. This happened with a nephil tribe and a drake. Is there anything I can do for these people, or do I just have to be sad that I can't help?

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Bargha is Empire control area and can't be entered. Harston is a place to sell loot so you don't have to carry it back to Avenite areas.


To heal the sick drake and nephil tribe you need the recipe from Patrick's Tower for the salve and then the ingredients. It's the one from E1 that cured Patrick's wife.


edit - graymold salve

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Ok, I'm almost done with the game...only mission left is to kill Garzahd, and I have all the necessary special items and information.

My party looks like this:


Fighter: level 45 (demonslayer, dragonscale shield+shocking waveblade when not dealing with demons, all magic armor(plate))

Fighter: level 39 (flaming steel halberd, ice plate, mithral helm)

Ranger: level 43 (Yew Bow, Magic or Flaming arrows, dual wield Alien Blade+magic broadsword, magic plate)

Thief: 31 (dualwield blade of thieves+dragon tooth knife)

Mage: 34 (17 int, over 200 mp via mindduels...81 natural max)

Priest: 33 (90 mp, 17 int)


The fighters and ranger have 200 hp...thief has 176...mage has 73...priest has 87. Mage and Priest have all spells. Mage has tons of smoky crystals and a ring of will, and among my party I have several wands of death, nullity, and charming, as well as a prismatic wand and a crystal wand, and the Regenerating Ruby. I have plenty of $$ for energy potions and such. Think my party's ready for Garzahd? Note: the only dungeons that actually gave me a hard time were the Halls of Chaos and the Giant Fort (because enemies respawned a lot) Every other dungeon wasn't too bad. Some close calls, but no deaths ever. Oh, Fort Kothtar was annoying too...but no one died.


The only thing that's bugging me is I haven't found the recipe for weak energy potions. Where is it? Was it somewhere obvious and I just missed it?


One other thing...anyone remember, in the Dark Waters chapter, that place where there was a special across a chasm that you couldn't get to? I was wondering if that's anything special, since now I have the Orb of Thralni (but probably couldn't get back to that spot even if I wanted to)

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I believe you can get to that special without the Orb. Take the portal back to Vahnatai lands and backtrack to the place where the river falls into the bottomless pit. Somewhere along the left wall of that giant room is a secret passage leading to the special. I don't remember what it contains, but nothing too useful I imagine.

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Yeah the place I'm thinking of is definitely not reachable anymore...I tried. It's somewhere in the middle, past Dahris-Bok, I think, but well before the final waterfalls. Oh well.


So, does anyone know where to get weak energy potion recipe? I'm a completist...even if I don't use it, I want to find it, but I swear I've explored everywhere already.

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oh. yeah, that's not reachable. you can however use the editor to reset the chapter 2 boat, and take it by following the path allllll the way from formello.


I think there's just a secret passage leading to it somewhere.


I want to say the recipe is in the gremlin grove? not sure, but it should be listed somewhere online. google/gamefaqs

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