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Northern Isles Game 2


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Thank you everyone for agreeing to play and watch. Here are the ground rules. Only the moderator (me) and people who are playing the game and are alive may post here. Anything else will be instantly deleted.


The current living players are:




Ash Lael



Doom Warrior












Some ground rules:


1) If you are playing PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES. They have been updated since the last game.

2) Private communication is allowed.

3) Submit your actions to me by way of PM. If I cannot figure out what you want to do, I'll simply ignore it, so try to be clear.

4) Actions will be processed in the order they were received when I get around to them. Read the rules for how often you can submit and any other exceptions.

5) Please posts all rules questions in your PM with me or in the rules topics.

6) If you are not playing or dead, please do not influence the game. You may look, but not touch.


Otherwise, the game begins:


Sunday, March 29 at 2 PM EDT


No action submissions will be accepted before that. A few people tried to submit some things, and those posts will be ignored. In other words, submit again after the game starts. I'm doing this not to be a jerk, but to make sure everyone gets a fair chance at getting their post in. I'm sorry if you are busy at the start time, but it is impossible choose a start time that works for everyone.


Also, if you have not done so already, reply to my PM topic with you as soon as you can. If you do not within 24 hours of me sending it to you, you may be replaced.


Just a reminder, no actions that kill anyone will be processed until:


Monday, March 30 at 2 PM EDT


Also, the game will end at the latest on:


Sunday, April 5 at 2 PM EDT


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Machrone has asked a question:


Q1: What is your skill level?


Any actions submitted after now will not be processed until you answer the question. To answer, post your response in this thread. Your responses may be truthful, false, or not even address the question; however, you must give a response.









Doom Warrior







Ash Lael


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Something worth noting is that all but four roles are susceptible to being killed by someone with Standard skill. It is named such because it is the most common and reflects the skill level of a common individual. I suppose we could have a skill of weak as well, but that would be no fun to play. smile

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The killing has begun! Four bodies were found today. They are:


Sarachim who was the DARKSIDE MAGE

Ash Lael who was SHANKER

Iffy who was MACHRONE

Ackrovan who was GLADWELL


This is an unexpectedly quick bloodbath. This does not bode well for the survivors.

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More casualties!


Dikiyoba who was DOMONT

Nioca who was DIONICIO



However, someone has seen Creator walking around. The rumors are true! He has been resurrected.


Creator is alive!

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I think it is safe to call this game since everyone left will have met (or can easily meet) their victory conditions. The last deaths are:


Creator who was MICKLEBUR

Sporefrog who was the EMPIRE SPY


Our winners are: Doom Warrior, Nalyd, and RCCCL. Congratulations!


The roles were:


Ackrovan - Gladwell

Alorael - Adventurer

Ash Lael - Shanker

Creator - Micklebur

Dikiyoba - Domont

Doom Warrior - Bound Servant

Iffy - Machrone

Locmaar - Anama Priest

Marlenny - Anama Hunter

Nalyd - Darkside Blademaster

Nioca - Dionicio

Xelgion - Sacred Item Cultist

RCCCL - Oliver

Sarachim -Darkside Mage

Sporefrog - Empire Spy

Tyranicus - Fae


The game log is:


Day 1


Dionicio learns the identity of Anama Priest

Machrone submits Question 1

Empire Spy follows Anama Hunter

Adventurer steals the Pathfinder Boots from the Darkside Blademaster

Dionicio joins the Anama

Bound Servant detects no presence of Gladwell's influence in the Darkside Blademaster

Micklebur investigates Oliver, finds he is not an Anama member but has magical items

Fae assumes identity of Anama Priest

Dionicio gives flaming sword to Micklebur

Domont delivers keyword to Darkside Blademaster

Micklebur gives Anama Priest the flaming sword

Shaker protects Anama Hunter

Oliver inspects Darkside Blademaster's inventory (finds it is empty)


Day 2


Dionicio kills Darkside Mage

Darkside Blademaster sees Dionicio being suspicious

Anama Hunter discovers Empire Spy is NOT in the Anama

Empire Spy learns that the Anama Hunter came to his house

Anama Priest kills Shanker with Flaming Sword

Bound Servant sees Anama Priest being suspicious

Machrone attacks Darkside Blademaster, ends up dead

Darkside Blademaster kills Gladwell

Sacred Item Cultist locates Wand of Death on Empire Spy

Anama Priest gives Dionicio the Flaming Sword

Adventurer kills Micklebur

Bound Servant detects no presence of Gladwell's influence in the Adventurer

Empire Spy kills Anama Hunter with Wand of Death, gets Crystal Spire


Day 3


Oliver views Dionicio's inventory, finds he has Flaming Sword

Darkside Blademaster kills Dionicio, gets Flaming Sword

Empire Spy sees Darkside Blademaster being suspicious.

Bound Servant kills Sacred Item Cultist

Empire Spy kills Domont

Anama Priest resurrects Micklebur


Day 4


Adventurer attacks Darkside Blademaster, ends up dead

Darkside Blademaster gets Wand of Forcecage and Pathfinder Boots

Anama Priest gives Box of Traps to Micklebur

Empire Spy kills Fae as Anama Priest

Bound Servent investigates Empire Spy, finds no trace of Gladwell's magic

Darkside Blademaster kills Anama Priest

Bound Servant sees Darkside Blademaster being suspicious


Day 5


Empire Spy kills Micklebur, gets Box of Traps

Bound Servant kills Empire Spy, gets Box of Traps and Crystal Spire

Oliver has no enemies left, is able to trade for items he needs

Game Over


Thank you to all of our players. I hope you enjoyed the game. I will be posting some of my thoughts, but you (and anyone else) is welcome to offer some feedback on how this game can be improved.

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If there is demand, I will run a third game. Here are my thoughts for improvement:


1) Revealing roles upon death is very bad in this game. From now on, roles will be kept secret.

2) Machrone's questions are downright worthless, no incentive to tell the truth. I plan on changing this to him doing demographics on the living players. These polls give information about who is alive. This helps address problems with not revealing roles upon death as well.

3) The Darkside Blademaster is too powerful. It's a cool role, but needs some way to balance. I plan on introducing an item called 'Weapon Poison' that will defeat his physical immunity.

4) 16 players seemed to work pretty well from what I have been hearing. I will probably keep the list of roles the same, but make several changes in how a few of them work.

5) Gladwell and the Anama need a little tweaking to balance. I also plan on having more roles like the Adventurer and Empire Spy have a specific artifact in place of a kill. This adds a little more competition with other roles.

6) Items and artifacts need tweaking. They got little love in this game.


I'm sure I can think of more. But this is a short list off the top of my head. Feel free to offer further comments.

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Here's a few ideas and thoughts.


1 - As for items being weak, make it so using items and artifacts don't count as an ability use. Provides more incentive to use them. In the name of balance, maybe make it so only one item can be used per day, along with one ability use.


2 - The "Kill at least two by own hand" roles seemed to get screwed rather quickly, simply because other roles with "Kill by any means necessary" roles killed the targets off first. If someone beats them to it, the game can easily become unwinnable. I'd add a few roles to their target lists that no one else is targeting for goals (Anama Priest, Oliver, so forth).


3 - What about turning immunities into resistances? Instead of an attack just bouncing off, a failed attack wounds the target, removing their resistances. Maybe add a Healing Potion item that restores health as well (Things like wards would still provide total immunity).


4 - One thing I think would add to it is having more roles than players. That way, no one can absolutely peg down any one role. By Day 2, I got the impression that all but about 4 players had already been identified. But this one's subjective and may be more effort than it's worth.


5 - A few item ideas getting thrown out there.

  • Radiant Plate (Artifact): When used, keeps the player from being killed for 24 hours. However, it's encumbrance stops the player from acting for that turn. (Full immunity, loses ability for day).
  • Healing Potion (Item): As mentioned above, heals wounding.
  • Speed Potion (Item): Provides an extra ability use. Does not count as an item use.
  • Resistance Potion (Item): Provides 24 hours of magic resistance.
  • Rogue's Elixir (Item): Allows the player's next kill to go undetected.
  • Ironskin Brew (Item): Provides 24 hours of physical resistance.
  • Invulnerability Potion (Item): Provides 24 hours of magical and physical resistance.
  • Wand of Domination (Item): Compels a player to perform one action chosen by the wielder.
  • Fury Crossbow (Artifact): If used to attack a player, will not give target a chance to retaliate or identify attacker. This does not overcome resistances. If used, two people will become suspicious.
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Thank you for the good ideas. I can see we have come to very similar conclusions.


1) I will make it so items that do not do anything offensive will not count as an action. Wand of Death and Box of Traps still count, but the Crystal Spire and things like that do not.


2) I plan on relaxing this and allowing holding an artifact as an alternative to one of the kills. I just put up the new list of roles. Hopefully this solves it a bit.


3) Perhaps. I hesitate because it makes the game a bit more complicated and it forces me to keep track of something else. I don't think I'll do it for the next game, but worth keeping the idea around.


4) Right now I want to try and balance the set of roles I have. I do like the idea, but I don't think I'll do it in Game 3 yet.


5) Good ideas. I will look into them.

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Yup. I was fed Micklebur and killed him. Then my allies ended up dead and I took a wild guess and attacked Nioca, but got beaten to the punch. Then I attacked Nalyd, who was a target but who happened to be the one and only living character I couldn't kill. Oops.


—Alorael, who would like to suggest reduced incentive for slaughter. If you need items or need roles dead by your hand and have no good way to figure out who has what or who is whom, you can just attack. Maybe more of the killer roles should be strong on defense and weak on offense against everyone but targets. (The Adventurer in particular has the problem of having the ability to steal and the ability to kill almost anyone by attacking. Attacking is usually a better idea, making the theft ability largely a slightly lower risk for much lower gain activity. Making artifacts help with winning makes it much better—kill one, then try theft. The Spy still gets left out in the cold, though.)

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