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Giants and Troglodites mission: Help please!!


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First question:

Whats up with the seemingly meaningless island in the middle of the underground lake in the giants lair? I saw a screen-shot of the island on this forum and it had extensions! How do you do that?


Second question:

Again in the giants lair, how do you unlock the "unfathomable" lock on that treasure room? You know the one that has runes that shift when you press one of the buttons?

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First answer:

Walk around the island and try to walk off of it in different directions. Extra land will appear when you find the right spots leading to a land bridge to the south.


Second answer:

You need to press certain buttons until all the runes appear. The buttons on the south side are the important ones, but I can't remember which ones. It helps if you saved before trying it otherwise you can spend a while until you reverse what you've done.

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I figured it out. The island was confusing because sometimes it would say "blocked" when I tried a certain direction and then all of a sudden it would let me through. But I eventually got through to the switches in the walls. And then I lost the flaming sword and the Beastslayer blade in the demon attack on the tower of magi. Stupid.

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