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GF 5 Char Colors

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I just Downloaded the v1.0.2 and installed it and when I loaded my save, my shaper changed from Dark Blue to the normal look. Also none of the Secondary creations(Cryoa, PyroRoamer, Burning Thahd, ect.) are their normal colors. They all go back to the first one's colors, even their projectiles. Cryoa spits fire instead of ice. Is there a corrupted image file or something?

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I am about to add this to the Geneforge 5 support page:


Character Colors Not Changing


If, in Settings, Graphics Extras are set to Don't Draw, then characters won't be drawn with shifted colors. Your main character will look the same no matter what your color setting, cryoas will look red, etc.


If you selected Run In Fast Graphics mode when you started the game, Graphics Extras will be set to Don't Draw. If the game is running slowly but you want the character colors to change, leave Graphics Extras set to Draw All and set the Resolution to Run In 16 Bit Color.

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I am having the same problem. I tried reinstalling the game, downloading the latest drivers and restarting my computer, but have not been able to fix it. I have also tried the things suggested above but they do not solve my problem.


However this problem only happens in the the directx version of the game. In the normal game I can change the color of my character but it runs way to slow to play.


I am running Windows Vista and have a Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chip set Family display adapter.Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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The color flipping won't happen ion the DirectX version of the game. We hope to have this rectified in future games ... it'll take a bit more work. SOrry about this, and we've updated the support page.


- jeff Vogel

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