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G3 stats greater than 10?

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I've seen several references around these boards to 10 as stopping point for raising stats - that the returns dimish after that point. Is this true of all Geneforge games, and specifically of G3?


How does the diminishing work? A single steady drop? Gradually continuing to decline? Is it true of the effects of ALL stats, or only some (as in, are the some stats worth raising higher than ten?)?


I couldn't find anything that clearly explained the mechanics of stats...but I apologize if I missed something.



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In the first four Geneforge games, some stats have a reduced effect after 10 points. From 10-20 points each point has only half its normal effect, and from 20-30 each point has only a third of its normal effect. This is true of nearly all stats in G1, but only of shaping stats in G2-G4. G5 doesn't have diminishing returns on stats in this way, although it still costs more skill points for every additional stat point.

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It is a bit confusing. Some stats use the 10-cap, and some don't.


If a stat doesn't use the 10-cap, it gives the same effect for each new point, whether it's an extra die of damage, chance to parry, improved resistance, whatever.


If a stat does use the 10-cap, its effect increases at the following points:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 23, 26, 29


Basically, you need 2 points for a bonus after 10, and 3 points for a bonus after 20. Hence the "10-cap" because often, combining with naturally increasing skill pt costs in G2 and up, it becomes much less useful to buy more of that skill after you get to 10.


But, skills are treated differently in different games.


In G1, ALL skills use the 10-cap. Their skill point costs don't go up, though, so it's actually quite a cool system.


In G5, I believe that NO skills use the 10-cap. I am not 100% sure about this, but most at least do not.


In the games in between, it varies, with G2 and G3 applying more 10-caps and G4 fewer. I know Fire Shaping and the other shaping skills apply the 10-cap in every game except G5. I believe the same thing is true of Parry and Quick Action.


Hope this helps.


Edit: Thuryl, there are DEFINITELY other 10-capped stats in G2-4.

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Spellcraft is 4 a pop while Battle magic costs 2. I had wanted to make a Plated Bug and Battle Alpha for company, but it'll run me a couple levels worth of points which is something I can't really afford at this point in the game. I don't remember the expected end level in this game, but I've been in a drought for a long time and have been limited to level 14 on the Southern portion of Sucia. I just wish I hadn't wasted those six points on two levels missile weapons (why did I ever think those would be useful?)


One more question, does the attack skill penalty on armors apply to just combat skills or to magical skills too?

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For the different magics, I tend to stop buying at about 10 (unless I need more), and then follow up by bringing Spellcraft to 10 also. And just out of curiosity, does Spellcraft affect healing craft?


As an extension to Angelic's question about the day counter, outside of A3/E3 and the occasional BoX scenario, does time really mean anything in any game?

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In G3, I played a Singleton Agent that went well beyond 10.


I had Battle Magic at around 16-20 (items), and Spellcraft somewhere near that. Daze is so overpowered that I invested a big fat 0 into Endurance, and the only other skills I invested in were Intelligence, Luck, Leadership, and Mechanics.


I was rewarded with a 2000 damage threshold on Essence Orbs against a standard group enemies on the 5th Island.


This is all on Torment, mind you, and I did complete the whole game with 100% area clearing.

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