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Is archery useless in Exile 3?


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Not really. Ranged attacks aren't especially good in E3, you can't rely on an enchanted throwing weapon because you'll run out, and the bows and crossbows outstrip what you can throw anyway.


—Alorael, who just hasn't ever gotten much mileage out of hucking stuff at foes. You're better off giving your fighters enough Priest Spells and spell points to cast Wound every now and then.

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In Blades of Exile, thrown missiles are broken. I'm not sure if that's the case in E3 as well.


In any case, thrown missiles can be useful sometimes. I think Archery is more useful, but I haven't played for awhile so I could be wrong.


I think there's a book in the portal tower in Upper Exile which acts as a missile. I never put that to the test, but if you find either that book or a dart of returning (or whatever it's called) then thrown missiles could be more useful.

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