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Average Times to Finish Game(s)

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I have another question to ask of you guys (I do that a lot.)


How long, on average, would you say it takes to finish each game?


(If, for some reason, you want a faction to base it off of-

G1- Takers

G2- Barzites

G3- Shapers

G4- Shapers

G5- I don't know, Rawal(ian) if that is a faction)

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Originally Posted By: Taliesin
I don't have a particularly good estimate, but Rawal's faction, if you can call it that, is not representative of a "complete" game. From what I've heard, at least. I haven't actually finished G5 yet.

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Swearing loyalty to Rawal gets you a bad ending, but it is still technically an ending. It's also the only faction that does not require you to go through an "endgame" fight (namely, the Shaper Council or Ghaldring). It's the shortest and easiest path.

But, anyway. The time required to finish a Geneforge game varies a lot depending on whether you take the no-combat path (which is much shorter than trying to do everything), how many quests you intend to undertake, how thorough you are when looting dungeons, and, for GF5 only, which difficulty setting you're using.

As for me, I think it takes me around, oh, 30 hours per game per playthrough. Maybe a bit more if I intend to "powergame" the factions (in GF1, GF2, GF4 and GF5) and if it's my first time playing.
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Could we possibly stick some spoiler tags on this stuff? It might look harmless but something as simple as, for instance, "that movie was really sad at the end," can spoil a whole lot. I generally avoid the boards for games I haven't played to completion (Avernum 5 and Geneforge 5) so I'd appreciate it if we could stay away from crossing over. Except with spoiler tags, of course.


To answer the question, I'm not exactly sure. I can probably beat each Geneforge in two-three weeks if I play a good amount every day. It depends a lot on the difficulty.

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Originally Posted By: Randomizer
It depends upon difficulty level since harder difficulties take longer to do the fights and game completeness to do only the required quests to finish the game or all of them.

I was mainly looking for, on average, how long it takes you to finish the game. If you always play on Torment, then that number would be higher.

The Lurker's answer is pretty much what I was looking for.
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It not only depends on difficulty, but how through you want to be in playing bonus or challenge levels, clearing every area, looking in the nooks and crannies, etc.


For GF1, the takers are the quickest to the end IMO only because you’ll get the taker amulet to pass the Shaoli.


GF2 may take longer depending on you play style, but you’ll get no easy way to bypass entire boards as you will in GF1 (unless you go through taker lands and then join the barzites and then it’s really a non-issue). I usually stay unaligned until I go through the majority of taker lands before joining the barzites (to empty the gold from shops).


GF3 will probably be faster if you don’t take up a part time job as a pick and shovel salesman. Carting your goods between islands can be tedious. There is a lot of training to buy though.


GF4 usually goes fastest for me, especially for pro-shapers. Even as a pro-shaper, turning on the infiltrators to reap the benefits (at no cost) takes very little time. GF4 really has reduced “nooks and crannies” compared to GF1 and GF2 also and most goods start to take on a 0 value. These aspects for me save a lot of time.


GF5 – well my first play through went fast, but I played non-stop. I still need to play 2-3 more times to really know it well.


In summary at 4-6 hours a day, plan maybe 2-3 weeks. Just an estimate, but it does depend. My advice: read, think about the plot and your play style, enjoy, and have fun.

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I have a lot of free time in the evenings, I completed G4 in 24 hours, as an infiltrator, G1 in a few weeks, and G2 in around 16 hours as Awakened. The only things that really pose a problem for me in Geneforge are mines and traps, my agents/infiltrators generally just smash through everything else like paper. The Huge Roamer in G2 made the game much easier though, by maximum level it could take on a gazer without help. Steel Skin and Augmentation made the combat sides of G2 almost boring.

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I don't consider playing through only one faction completing the game, so here's the times it took me to do each faction.


GF1: About 3 days for each faction.


GF2: Hard to say with this one, about 2 days to about 11 - 12 days(Power Gamer/Unaligned took forever!)


GF3: I finished Pro-Shaper in 3 days, Pro-Rebel in 2.


GF4: Pro-Shaper 2, Pro-Rebel 1, "Trakovite" 3.


GF5: Haven't played to the end yet.

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