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Originally written by buppy20022003:
no credit card and i wude like to know if i can win the the game and not have to register
You can't. You only get half the game unregistered, and you can't beat the game without playing the second half.

The help file suggests other ways to pay besides credit card. Or, you could go to the bank and get US$25 in cash then post it. Note this is not recommended by the post office - but was suggested by my bank teller to avoid charges!
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Originally written by Spider Watermelon:
I am fairly sure this has something to do with either the Orb of Thralni or telling you to go to the Tower of Magi and learn a new spell as a reward.

Probably the latter, though you can always go check with the person guarding the Orb just in case.
no no i have the orb of thralni and the tower of magi is desryed im looking for a way to help selse fix the portl
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