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Having Geneforge 5 For Windows Graphics Or Speed Problems?

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Geneforge 5; Overthrow is, graphically, not a very demanding game. However, some systems, due to hardware or video driver problems, have been having trouble running it at an acceptable speed. Other users have had a few odd, graphical glitches. Should the game not run properly for you, follow the steps below:


1. If you are using Geneforge 5 v1.0, uninstall it and download and install the newest version. It is here ...




When you run the game, on the Resolution window, select the Play In Fast Graphics Mode check box. Many users have had dramatic performance improvements when using this setting.


2. If you are using the newest version of Geneforge 5, you might have a corrupted game file. Uninstall the game, redownload the installer, and reinstall. Don't skip uninstalling!


3. Download the newest versions of your video card drivers and install them. Do this even if you think you have the newest version. Driver files and settings can sometimes become damaged or corrupted.


4. Don't run any other applications at the same times as Geneforge 5.


5. If the above steps don't work, try running the DirectX version. You can launch it from the Start menu, by going to My Programs > Spiderweb Software > Geneforge 5. If that still doesn't help, run the DirectX version again but select Fast Graphics mode on the Resolution window.


If you still have problems, we would like to know about them. To be any help, I will need to have detailed information about your system. Go to the Start Menu, select Run, and enter dxdiag. Once dxdiag has run, select the option to save settings and E-mail the resulting file (with a description of your exact problem) to spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com.


- Jeff Vogel

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