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Some new G4 Mods...

Trakovite  Mitchell

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Yes were have I been the past few months?


Anyway I present the Heal Beam, which HEALS and ADDS more health to its target (sadly not you :p), this takes place of Lighting Aura I think. FireBolt has a surprise if you use it with more then 1 enemy. (Go to the shaper camp and get 7 enemys near you shocked its ownage). I tried making a shortsword mod.. it failed so if you use daggers and such you will hear the bite sound effect. Slow, well slow slows your target AND hurts them. And Essence Lances were changed to unbound breath gotta love it.




Sadly G4 has merged with G3 so if you don't know me. Get to know me tongue


Astorian Mitchell


Formerly Shaper Mitchell

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