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E3:Once again at the wheel, or where are those spells


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I'm playing exile 3 again after a long break and i'm having trouble finging some things like the dispel barrier spell, so i'm looking for a good walkthrough i can't seem to find one that actually says where you get the spells. Also does anyone know on what day the orb that Levy is gaurding, the one that makes you fly, gets stolen, becasue i really need it. I'm at about day 80.

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Take a look at the forum header. Some walkthroughs are very obvious there! This one looks like it meets your needs.


And some answers: Dispel Barrier is the reward for helping the mayor of Sharimik, and the Orb of Thralni is stolen either around day 110 or when you stop one of the monster plagues (the walkthrough suggests slimes or roaches, but someone here authoritatively said it is the troglodytes).


—Alorael, who hopes that this either answers your questions or points you in the right direction.

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Oops! You're right. I believe it occurs later in E3 than in A3, but since I always trigger them by ending plagues I'm just going by what I've read here (and misremembering). Day 80 is plausible.


—Alorael, who recommends doing the same. Do you feel any need to sit around doing nothing for days on end waiting for Levy to mess up when there are monsters to oppress and maim?

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