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Is it too late for a suggestion?[G5]

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I'm a PCer and I was wondering why can't i write stuff in my Geneforge Diary section(where you keep recorded conversations). This would be a nice feature because i tend to leave items in places and i forget where they are(and im sure other people do this too). You might argue that the new inventory system saves you the trouble of leaving items all over the place but the inventory still fills quickly.


So im asking if this could be implemented in Geneforge 5?

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It's unlikely to be implemented. If you really need that functionality, it comes with your computer in a program called Notepad.


—Alorael, who agrees that it might be nice to have an in-game note system. It's probably not worth the time it would take Jeff to implement decent word processing, though, when you can take notes on your own just fine. And take a look at the very simple word processing already in the game in the form of save slot names and character naming. It's unimpressive.

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