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Stuck in Redemption

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Ok, Do you know the NPC Robinson on the dark cavern located at 40,8?


He will give you a question(not a riddle as he says), please see the image on the link for reference.




Did you not come to encounter him in this scenerio?? , I'm just looking for the solution for this question.. smile

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I'm sooooooo sorry.

I had completely forgotten about this and the name just didn't register.

Maybe it was too early in the morning.

Maybe it was just a "Senior Moment".

Regardless; I'm sorry I missed it.

And, yes, it's "jesussocrates".


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Hey.. just one last TWO questions(hopefully).


I got 3 out of 4 of the books the troll needs, I'm before the final part(going to andrus with the crystal), and i don't want to finish the scenerio before i got all books, i saw there's a small room near andrus cave, is the last book there??


i think i'm missing "The Prince", but i'm not sure.. kinda searched all the places i've been to.



2nd thing is the Amulet of Doran, Searched the small despite and talked to the pixie, tried playing with the flowers into some combination... , Is it achiveable on the old version?

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Ok, you need the books to get the amulet. The troll will give you a vital clue and a key you'll need.



Now, I don't remember which book is where, but the four books in general have the locations of.



1 is in the dark library, where you have the friendly efreet and the hostile raksashas. (If you ask him about the titles, he'll give you a hint)


1 is in the castle that Soljaire has, again in his library. That ghost will be helpful in locating it.


1 is in that odd mage lab, the one where you have to sanctify the pool to get in.


The last one is in the troglo cave, where you have to fight the trog raiding party and kill them all, get the map that leads back to their hideout, and enter in. I think it's in one of the priest's rooms.


One thing to look out for, the books that are "special" often have different weights of the same color "generic" book.

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I forgot to add something to the post yesterday that may be of some interest.

Again, you MUST use a 'New', or 'Beginner' Party for Apology and I'd recommend that you consider a well balanced Party that you will carry through for the next three Scenarios.

As Al has explained, Lamentations is used, primarily, to set up Falling Stars, Falling Stars seems to be the culmination of the overall Story Line and Tomorrow,the last of the Series, is a follow-through from Falling Stars. You will see that the Story Line flows through all three.

With these three being a three part story, you can, should, use the same Party for all three Scenarios.

I've played through the entire Series several times and specific Scenarios numerous times. So, for me, using the Party from Apology was appropriate.

FWIW; I use the same basic Party for most Scenarios; I'm sure that most everyone else does, too. But using a Party to follow through these four Scenarios made the experience much more rewarding. It's like they are young, new adventurers in Apology and become experienced veterans as time passes.


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Ehhh, I used a different party for An apology and Lamentations. Remember, the guys you play in An Apology are supposed to be Nordakar conscripts, not elite 8th order guys from Xancrest. Plus the weirdness that Apology does to your stats....... Although I'll admit, I once re-used the party from Redemption, although that was mostly to play with the Amulet of Doran.

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I do understand what you're saying about the Parties being on different sides, but that's only if you're actually making specific characters for specific Scenarios.

I've been using the same characters with the same names and the same characteristics for so long that I'd have to look up older plays to recognize them.

Not to get off on a Social Statement, but...

Long ago, I made 6 Characters and Beginner, Level 10 and Level 30 versions of each which I use. I'm not really interested in the "hack 'n slash", but rather in the documentation. It's my form of a "Treasure Hunt".


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