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Thinking about making a scenario...

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I definitely would play it. Go for it!


Btw, I had around 50 pageviews per day on my site right after I released my friend's scenario, and again when I finished mine. It had been getting a steady 2 views per day up until then, so at least some people were checking it out.


Be ye encouraged!!

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I will play it. I am roughly 9 years out of date on downloading and playing scenarios. I will play brand news scenarios first and then catch up on the last decade.


I am currently writting a scenario myself. It is small as it is my first.

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I love BoE, and I still play it for the depth and classic RPG addictiveness. I would defintly play it, and you would have great fun alone just writing the scenario wether anyone would play it or not. I have made a few myself but never tried uploading them anywhere.


This makes over 3 people who would play it so your stats have been beaten. I still LOVE this game to bits, do it!

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