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Absence of Friends, a.k.a. Mortishire


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Although the Author of this Scenario included a set of Custom Graphics and I've extracted them to both the BLADSCEN and BLSCEDIT folders, none of them appear in the Scenario during Game Play.

I've played the Scenario on both Windows '98 and Windows XP with the same results. In Windows XP I have the Preferences set to Windows 95.

Is this a known problem, is it something I can modify or correct and/or if it's a known problem, is there a corrected version anywhere?

I had bumped into a space that had no graphic, so I finally spoke to it and found it was an NPC. I do a lot of searching and now am literally cross-hatching my searches in most places lest I miss something important to the Scenario.


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The graphics sheet must have the same name as the scenario, "abfrie" not "abfr".



I downloaded the scenario and opened it in the Scenario Editor. I then clicked the Edit Terrain Types button. There were blank areas all over the place. Then I changed the name of the graphic sheet to match the name of the scenario, problem went away.

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