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I completed a game with a torment solo char.


First things first. I cheated. With rules. I was running a solo character, all by my lonesome, the alteration that I allowed was to use the editor to effectively double my level up points from 5 to 10.


This made just enough difference to make a character that could survive.


Character was a Slith. Elite Warrior and Divinely touched. In the end, I had all mage spells, all priest spells, a good number for tool use, was able to loot all caches, read all spellbooks, and I was the archmage that I set out to be.


I didn't wait for trainers for some skills. I couldn't wait. Survival was key. During the beginning, I chucked a lot of javelins. Having sharpshooter helped. I trained in some mage and priest skills, but only barely at first. I got my self to the point where I could cast unlock and summon shades. After that, I actually worked on some physical skills and unlocked anatomy. With all those free points in blademaster I was getting from my traits, it wasn't long until I was doing stabby damage in the hundreds with a steel spear, blessing, and mighty blow. I also unlocked quick action and dropped a few points in that.


After that, I was set, and devoted most of the rest of the game to developing my magic skills.


I was able to complete most of the optional areas. In fact, I invaded the slith cultists before I killed whatsisface the Beast. I had the slith bloodspear in my lizardy hands, and I can say, it is a great weapon to stick something with. I killed Tholeman or whatever his name is on our first encounter. I chunked undead. I used repel spirit when I needed to, but mostly I could just stab stuff toe to toe provided it was one on one. Battling Gladwell was HARD. I eventually defeated him by constantly summoning shades via divine host. (Arcane summons would get frozen) I was able to kill Morbo the Eyebeast under Muck. That was not at all easy. I slaughtered the entire Anama town for their betrayal of me.


Having the slith bloodspear was the only thing that made getting through Solberg's lands possible. And the bugs too. But the bugs were my undoing on many occasions. There were quite a few reloads at that point.


Even with the additional skill points I allowed my self, the game was stupidly hard and nearly impossible in a couple of spots.


If I was to do this again, I would do a Nephil, no mage skills, high priest skills, and just make due with what I had.


From my experience, thrown missiles are your friends for most of the run. Bows just didn't do enough damage for me. Steel javelins took me through most of the game, if you can believe that. Later on, razordisks and lances were great when I had them. In fact, you can nail something for over a hundred damage with high end thrown weapons. Not terrible at all.

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Congratulations, but it is possible to do without cheating. It harder and more boring with doubling back to do things and empty caches.


Control foe (charm) is really great against Morbo and Gladwell to convert their summons to friends even if you do lose some experience.


I really should finish my Amana solo game, but somehow that incompetent Tholmen seems to have died and Ruth wants something else to prove my loyalty. frown

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Originally Posted By: Randomizer
I really should finish my Amana solo game, but somehow that incompetent Tholmen seems to have died and Ruth wants something else to prove my loyalty. frown

Good luck killing Solberg, I guess!
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im still at the shades moref (or whats his name) but completed the workshop, it just didnt feel good to leave with it alive...but after many trys i gave it a rest, playing other games now.


but yeah the main objectives can be completed, u just need to come back for some optional/loot quests and zones.

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