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Avernum 1 Template

Ishad Nha

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I am working on an Avernum 1 Template that will be like the Avernum 2 Template by Xoid.

So far I have finished about 2/5 of the towns:


(To make the above link work you will need to activate your address bar first then press enter.)


I took out the town specials but left in the monsters and items. I am also putting in a Recall Crystal as best I can.


Parts of towns that are darker than others will be a problem in BoA. Maybe have a basically dark town with a whole lot of sublte light sources in the lit areas, fl_light_radius = 1&.

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This looks like it will be a nice resource to have around. I would recommend leaving out the recall crystal; it sounds like more work than it's worth, particularly given that designers will most likely want to copy towns and outdoor sections rather than use the entire template, I'm guessing.


An aside: what in the heck have you done to those links? The HTML code output by UBB looks totally normal, is it your website that's doing something screwy? It also might make more sense to recommend that people right click and choose to download the linked file, since 'activating' the address bar is a rather peculiar expression. tongue

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"Activating the address bar" means to click on it or hit Alt + Enter. In Firefox I have to manually copy and paste the link into the address bar. In Internet Explorer I just activate the address bar. This may all depend on the security settings in my browsers or upon the site itself.


With text files and bitmaps there are no problems with the links. It is just the way Freewebs handles my zip files.


As for the Recall Crystal, it is simple enough to use. You use the Crystal then you are moved to just outside the nearest instance of town 0. You walk into the town and you are immediately transported to Fort Avernum.


The top line of outdoor zones currently have the town 0, as does the zone containing Silvar and Fort Avernum.



The idea of having various lighting levels in various parts of the one dungeon has been tried and it seems to work. To make this work the lighting must be set to Totally dark (no light) and the Is on surface box most be left blank, not checked.

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I have included a second scenario, "Outdoor A1 Template", this has all of the A1 outdoor zones but it only contains one town, the pro-forma town 0, as used for the Recall Crystal. Most scenarios would not have need for anything vaguely like 78 towns. Towns can be imported from the main Template into this reduced Template as needed. Otherwise it would be a real hassle to delete unwanted towns from the main scenario file.

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If a scenario designer does not want to use the full 42 outdoor sections he can just seal them off, a special encounter that blocks party movement. Then he can always use Regions.

The A2 Template features the outdoors and two towns:


An A3 Template could easily be built the same way.

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I should have the answer within a few days either way. I have a spreadsheet that can resolve A2 large towns, and I am now working on A3 town 0, Krizsan. There are four basic town sizes:





The last one looks like the modular size, the towns with this size start at town 120, like the modular towns in E3.


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Town 20 in A3 is called Template Town and looks like town 20 in E3, so modules should be found in A3 too.


What if a template has too many outdoor zones for the designer's needs?

You can import outdoor zones one at a time.

Then the Change Outdoor Size function may actually work.


If there are unwanted towns in the imported bits, they can be left as basically shopping centres. Or they could be removed altogether.



When zipped, the outdoor sections of the three Avernum templates are 72, 93 and 106 KB respectively. That is not a huge problem in the area of extra file size.


Regions are useful for blocking off unwanted outdoor sections. In any outdoor section that you want to include in your scenario, set the region number to a number greater than zero. All the unwanted parts will retain the default region number of zero. Hence will be totally invisible and generally non-existant from the wanted regions.


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