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workable walkthrough[G5]

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The initial walkthrough is complete, in that you can get from the begining of the game through a successful ending using it. It's incomplete, in that it needs work and input!


It's in parts. I apologize for the odd hosting -- I really do plan to put it up on a regular server, but for now it's available in three four parts on my lj:

northwest terrestia: the demo

nw terrestia: beyond the demo

sw terrestia: storm plains

sw terrestia: dera reaches and endgame


Corrections, additions, and clarifications are welcome. I believe I've checked the leadership and reputation values in the scripts, but feel free to check up on me. I'm especially interested to fill in any (?)s which remain. I'd love it if folks would check the walkthrough the next time you run a character, and send me any edits you have!


I'd especially like to know:

• Did I miss any quests, or get them wrong?

• Did I miss any reputation encounters, or forget to mention if fulfilling a quest grants reputation?

• Did I get the leadership and mechanics requirements right?


Known issues:

• Missing regions. Walkthrough doesn't yet include the Disposal Vault or Sammann's Isle. [these are coming very very soon.]

• Printing irregularities due to hosting: printing from lj can cause text hiccups.

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Originally Posted By: "Middle Shadow Road"
overview: There's very little reason to attempt this area before exploring the Storm Plains, except perhaps a strong desire to reach the mandrake tincture in the attached secret laboratory.

You missed the Pure Quicksilver and the canister of Create Kyshakk in the Lab (no serviles were harmed while obtaining them).
Click to reveal.. ("Kyshakk advertisement")
Kyshakks in Chapter 2 rock like, well, like fourth-tier creations are supposed to rock against second-tier creations. Not only do they have _lots_ of health and an extremely strong attack, but they seem to dodge almost all attacks coming their way (without buffs on Torment).

Incidentally, has anyone managed to disable the other set of heated pads?

Originally Posted By: "West Shadow Road"
center Patchwork gazers can be pulled two at a time.

One at a time.
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Originally Posted By: jlsgaladriel
Oooh, I did, I *did* miss them! As in, *completely* missed them.... where in the secret labs, Vempele, are they in the southwest bit?

Yes. You can either sneak past the serviles (a bit tricky; the second group of serviles needs to be positioned just right) or get the three mages to kill everybody (they can even take out Pyhroviass by themselves if you stay out of sight and bless them!).
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You had a question mark on clearing the area in Oasis Fields. All you need to do to clear the area is walk from north to south. After using the contraptions in the NE to disarm pylons, all you have to do is walk from north to south along the visible track. The Unbound do not *see* you on this path.


I highly recommend just getting through by the above method, but then re-entering from the west to kill the Unbound on that side. Wait for the Unbound to head north, then get through the pylons on the west (just one set, I think) to the nest in the southwest corner. Buff up and wait for him there. (Lightning attack, so have the spell cleanse group.) He's not that difficult as long as you can cure the lightning attack. This is really helpful because there is mandrake tincture in the nest and puresteel in the blue box. At this point in the game, I use the puresteel shield made by Fitz in Dera South Shore because it is the lightest weight shield and enables me to wear all the heavy special items. I hate losing the Agent's Shelter, but at 16 lb, it's gotta go.

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The Agent's Shelter really isn't that good for what it actually gives you. It's hard to imagine a character build so magic-heavy that the benefit of an extra point in Spellcraft would exceed the cost of the extra Strength required to wear it instead of the Puresteel Shield.

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I agree, Thuryl. I was able to use it for a long time because of the Thahdskin Tunic with 2+ strength (playing as loyalist) and my current build is a Shock Trooper with that additional point in strength when compared to the Lifecrafter. I kept the Agent's Shelter around mostly because magic is weakest for the Shock Trooper and every magic point counts. However, the heavy crafted items had already necessitated a switch to the Clawbug Carapace (or whatever light shield you might want), but even with that, I couldn't wear the Mercuric Boots. The Puresteel Shield is well worth it for the 500 gold. Then, later, when you get the necklace with the 4+ strength, you can switch things up and sell the Puresteel Shield for a nice profit.

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I just replied to you, Thuryl and my response disappeared for some reason. If you play as loyalist, you can kill the serviles hiding in the northwest in Below Noyde's Pass. The lead guy drops the Thahdskin Tunic. They are the subject of a rebel quest, I believe. Do not offer to help them and then kill them. I found out the hard way that the swamp herbs folks in the south will go hostile if you do this. Just do the attack option and all is well.


Randomizer, I really love the Quicksilver Bulwark but can't wear it with a weak Shaper character until the Talisman of Might comes along. smile

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Hmm, right now it's in four separate html files. I'm still making regular changes to it as folks find errors and answers to my (?)s, so I don't really want other, soon-to-be older versions floating around that I'd have to find and update...


I do intend to convert it to xml and put it on my own web site once it's settled down, but that's too far in the future to be useful to your playthrough, because I have real-life projects that come first. Bah.


So... I'm not quite sure what to do. The answer might be if you need an area now, to mail it to you, but that doesn't fix the folks-in-China-can't-see-it problem.


I'd be willing to post a version of it *here*, but I don't have html posting access: I'm not ubb-encoding the darned thing. Plus, that puts me back into the need to update two separate copies of the thing as it changes, and I don't wanna.


Suggestions welcome. I'll think on it.

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If it were done, I could put it up on Calamity or somesuch, except again there I don't have html posting rights. So, yeah, anyone want to give me shell access on a unix/linux/gnu box? smile


The problem in the interim is that I'm still making almost daily changes -- little ones, but daily -- and I'll get into versioning problems.



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Control Core B is missing, I think. Also, Gamefaqs is awesome and they also allow you to update your guide whenever possible. If I can spare the time, I might just go ahead and make a whole guide about optimising one of the playable classes and get the guide online on there.


Edit: I should have read the posts on livejournal, it's already been noticed. My bad.

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I think the Barcott locker in the FP might not be unlockable because after you complete the quest and talk to him, he opens up a "special item" list for sale to you, and at the top of the list its says something to the effect of these items having been recovered from his workshop.

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