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A4 - Ok, I have two questions myself.....

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Ok. I do like most of this new Avernum. I admit not having the Editor is a downstrike. But, they give directions in the book, but they are not clear, I run all over the place, clear every tunnel, corridor, and break into every building....sigh.


I STILL can't find "Maxwell of Mertis" for the Icy Geodes, or Vorhees for the message. Mertis is like, 6 buildings, not even a real town, and the only things around it are the Honeycomb, and the Spiral, with the odd family home. That's it. They are nowhere in Mertis, East Mertis or anywhere near. And, yes, I also looked south, and all I can find is the tower and a few tunnels. So, you will forgive me for my impatience, but it takes the fun out of the game if you have me running around in places I've already been, looking for some stupid person for some stupid quest. Sorry but this is getting old.


So, where are they? (going off for awhile to just kill something.)

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You may not have noticed them; they should be hanging around the north side of Mertis, not in any buildings, just out in the fields. They may look like random farmers, which is probably why you missed them.


Of course, something more serious may have happened, and they could be dead. I doubt it, though.

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Maxwell is wearing blue and Vorhees is in brown. They move around a bit, but they are both on the northside. It pays to talk to everyone, just in case there is something important like that. You will have the same problem with a job in Dharmon.


Use the tab key to see the names of people.

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