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dose any one have..

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Terrain graphics (most or all of the ones that are in E2 and not identical in BoE, as far as I can tell.)




Monster graphics, modified to have attacking poses.


There might be other Exile 2 graphics on alec.desperance.net as well, but browse with caution.

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The implication of the first post (and the contents of many previous posts) is that the current E2 graphics are not the original E2 graphics. Thus the ones used in the game and shown on the website are the wrong ones. They are identical to the graphics found by Google. Ergo said found graphics are also the wrong ones.


—Alorael, who would also point out that anyone with half a mind could find graphics using Google except for the fact that many people seem tragically unable or unwilling to do so. There's even a business based on using Google for people. This is a sad world.

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