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Either by some trainer or editor or whatever? Happened to read a book while my mage was dead, and lo and behold, it was a mage spell. Now it won't teach the damn spell again. Tried the editor, but it only gives XP/items/etc., can't learn individual spells. Rather annoyed.

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Looking in the scripts. It should be simple enough to do.


On a side note, it will increase the level by one for each of your characters when you read the book, so if it were a spell which multiple characters used, not all of whom were dead when you read it first, you'd end up with an extra level on them. It's not a big deal, though you could use it to repeatedly reset spellbooks and get crazy levels of spells.


Using the A4 engine, it would be perfectly possible to make per-character flags for spellbooks, though that wouldn't work well if you deleted and remade a character. It would also be possible to do spells like in the previous games, where spellbooks contained a certain level of spell, not an increase of 1. However, that's not how Jeff decided to do it, I guess.


Yay post #200!

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