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Gazerskin Sandals...

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Well, putting this together with the impassibility of tiny stalagmites, we might conclude that the Gazerskin Sandals are the only footwear in all of Avernum that actually have soles. The unique plantar comfort this provides makes your combat stance so much more relaxed, it effectively boosts your armor by a ton. In A5 they will introduce Poor Leather Socks as a special item, which will have a partial effect in this direction.


Seriously, it could be that the Gazerskin Sandals are supposed to help you dodge, perhaps by giving you some Gazerish levitation powers that make you really bouncy and springy.

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Occam's Razor, people. Jeff was lazy, and imported this item direct from Geneforge 3.


It's not exactly like there isn't a precedent for this sort of behaviour. Jeff didn't rebalance a lot of items for BoA. Some of them are exact copies of their Avernum 3 versions.

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