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Found 1 result

  1. I think Avernum: Ruined World is a very good game. Magic doing damage to one's own team on hard and torment helps keep it from being quite as overpowered as it was in past games. Thrown weapons are better too. They used to be not very useful at all in prior games. Until this game, I hadn't seen any value to thrown weapons after the old, retro Avernum games. They're much more useful now, thanks to that chance to get extra damage and immobilize enemies. . The one negative issue that I see as remaining though, is that melee and pole weapons-using characters don't seem as useful as either archers or magic users. This is a big change from earlier Avernum series'. I remember this being the case in Escape from the pit too...how melee and pole weapons don't seem particularly useful compared to bows and magic. *If I put all my points into dexterity, including traits, on torment, so long as I get gymnastics skill and wear armor that helps evasion enough, by level 30 I can have tank archers, with maximum hardiness and resistance, and alien beasts will have a 5% to hit chance when trying to hit these tank archers, on torment difficulty. I tested this. All that dexterity will also, of course, help their damage a lot too. I can can give it challenger and send it into a pile of physical attack-using enemies, and so long as it has the 3 health % increasing traits, and maybe a couple points of endurance from traits and the best armor, all the enemies on screen that hit with weapons suddenly cease being a problem. It won't be able to evade cold or certain other attacks that don't depend on hitting someone with an object, but it'll still have an impressive amount of cold and elemental resistance due to max hardiness and resistance. If I really want to make enemies' physical attacks completely useless, I can replace half my resistance and spellcraft skill with parry, (I'd have enough points to do that by level 30, if I only focus on increasing the defensive skills of gymnastics, hardiness, and resistance) turning that 5% to hit chance into about 2-3% to hit chance, because even if the archer's evasion fails, there'll still be about a 50% chance for parry to work. *If I put all my points into dexterity and get all the damage-increasing, and action point-increasing skills possible, and maybe have the character be a nephilim, I can have a glass cannon archer that hits like a truck. Combined with adrenaline rush and that above tank archer for back-up damage, this character can be really, really good at sniping mages and summoners hiding behind their crowds of minions. Most physical enemies will miss it 95% of the time. When something does hit it, it'll take a lot of damage, but I can put it behind tanks with the challenger trait so that hardly anything ever wants to hit it. *If I put a third of my points into endurance and a 2/3 into intelligence, I can have a fairly bulky tank mage,priest, or tank mage. By level 30 I can give it max hardiness, max resistance, and max parry and still have 17 more points to spend on mage spells, priest spells, magical efficiency and arcane lore, luck, or maybe riposte. I can have it dive into a pile of enemies and slow them all and use terror to send them scattering, and if one of them isn't terrified, it'll be bulky enough to shrug off most attacks. If I put all or the vast majority of my points into intelligence, I can have a glass-cannon priest, mage, or hybrid that dazes fairly high level enemies and does all sorts of neat stuff, and both these characters will have 90% mental resistance pretty soon into the game, which would be particularly useful for the tank mage/priest, if it's a leading character. *If I put all my points into strength, I have a slightly-tougher-than-glass-cannon melee or pole-weapon user, because it'll probably have hardiness too. If it gets mind-controlled, the first thing it'll do is turn around and lay waste to the rest of my team. If battle frenzy is going on, which there'll be a good chance it is, the rest of my team will be more or less screwed. When this slightly-tougher-than- glass-cannon melee character comes to its senses, battle frenzy will probably be gone, along with the rest of my team, and it'll pretty quickly die too, because it doesn't have much in the way of defenses, and it's not close enough to an enemy to get an attack off, because it's been focusing on hunting down the rest of my team. Also, this character will probably be in front, so it'll probably be the first one brain-washers try to brainwash, and unless I have an archer quick action will probably make it so that it'll be able to chop down at least one other member of my team before anyone has a chance to do anything about it. It will, on the bright side, do a great deal of damage against enemies. However, enemies will also do a great deal of damage against it due to sacrificing health for strength, and maybe sacrificing a shield for the greater attack power of duel-wielding or pole weapons, which in my mind kind of defeats the purpose of having it be a leading character. If I have a tank archer, and have the button turned on that makes your characters take their turns in the order they're placed in, then I could have the not-quite glass cannon melee character attack, and then have the tank archer go next. I could have the tank archer replace him and take damage from enemies instead. That might work well, but still, I don't usually see attacking the enemies closest to my characters as being nearly as useful as attacking the summoners hiding behind them. *If I put half my points into strength, and the other half into endurance, or intelligence, I have a character who can either be bulky, or strongly resistant towards mental attacks, but not both. The spells of a weapon-wielder mage will be less useful than a pure mage, and its attacks less strong than a pure melee/pole user, and its weapon will still only be able to hit things in front of it. Rather than this character, a tank mage without any strength could still hit things in front of it with smite, maybe for less damage, or maybe not, but with better accuracy for much of the game, and it could hit far away things too. If I put half my points into endurance and have a shield, then the character is bulky enough to survive things, and when it gets brainwashed my team will be much more likely to survive it...though he'll get mind-controlled frequently. However, I could have a tank mage that almost never gets mind-controlled, who can also run into a mob and cast terror. So, that's why I don't like melee and pole-weapon using characters, and this annoys me, because the game is filled with really tempting-looking melee weapons, and my players are just selling them all. I feel almost like Jeff just put them all in there...Smite the legendary halberd/fine slith spears/all that neat-sounding stuff, mostly just to tempt people into making their game harder than it needs to be. What are other people's thoughts?
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