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Found 2 results

  1. I've looked around on the forum and searched it up but I can't find a thread discussing who the player character is? I know there's ways to find out like talking to that one shaman lady (forgot her name and where she is, I'm about to play G5 for the first time in at least a year).
  2. Hey all! So, I remember Exile from my childhood, i was recently watching a GDC talk on the indiepololipse and the owner from this studio was on there sharing his experiences and I had forgotten all about Exile until I saw him. I was young living in a grouphome with a crappy-for-its-time pc and i had this disk id gotten somehow with 50 games on it, and i wanted to play games too badly so i got into some of them, most of them were pretty bad but i remembered really getting into exile it scratched a gaming itch i haven't really been able to scratch in a long time since, I know from the talk that everything spiderweb software does is pretty similar to that original setup, but with improved graphics. i went and bought the steam 'gigantic bundle' and I'm about to try my hand at some of these games, but which should i start with? are they all in-keeping to the same general lore and rules or is each series unique? i think id rather start on the earliest game and work my way through but maybe you have a better suggestion.. BTW im an aspiring artist and a game designer by trade now and I'm totally going to try to jam something in this style but with my own personality added on top ^^
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