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Found 3 results

  1. I just saw the Spiderweb Software GDC talk the other day which was really good and got me interested in the developer! I am an aspiring developer myself and a big fan of CRPGs but only got into them relatively recently so I didn’t know much about Spiderweb, apart from having Avernum 3 on Steam (probably from Humble Bundle). But I would really like to try their games and I was wondering what would be a good first game to start with?
  2. Context I have played Exile 3 and Avernum 3 many moons ago, so I know the grand narrative of the trilogy, but I've never played the first two games in the trilogy in any of its iterations, so I'd prefer to avoid specific spoilers. However I am the sort who likes to know roughly what I am doing, even for a first play through, since I try to minimize reloading and accept the consequences of mistakes. I am playing on Normal difficulty, but I do like to keep to a personal rule of trying to do entire dungeons in one go without leaving and coming back (because it makes no sense that the bandits/monsters would just leave their fortress/lair exactly as you left it mid-adventure). I've found this difficult as playing blind, as I don't know how to pace the use of resources, and losing even one character is crippling and pretty much forces a return to town unless I have a resurrection scroll. However the point of asking questions is to improve so that hopefully I can do better going forwards. Questions As I understand it, you can never purchase the 3rd level of any spells, so you need to buy the lv1 and lv2 of every spell before you read a tome for its 3rd level. If you read a tome before you learnt the spell to lv2 already, you will never be able to learn its 3rd level? Is that correct? If my above understanding is correct, which spells are very important and I need to prioritize buying as soon as I can? Does anyone have a detailed guide about all spells? It's very difficult to make decisions on spell purchases, given the cost, limited gold supply, and the fact that there is no description on what the upgrades provide in practice. I've been using wands and scrolls as consumable items. I guess there is no mechanic to learn spells or anything from scrolls? (Yes I played Baldur's Gate) There also seems to be no benefit in using scrolls or wands with magically trained characters? Does "chance to hit" affect magic? If not then the main constraint for spellcasters using heavy armour is just the weight?
  3. Hi I just started playing and I have run into 3 problems 1 - there is a down ramp - it is marked on the map for the Goblin Cave but I cannot go down 2-there is a stair in Upper Cotta - the building with the Nephil working in it that I cannot go up 3 I cleared the Bandit Cave but can see a level that you access from below but cannot find a way to a lower level in the Bandit Cave
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