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Found 1 result

  1. Before we go any further, I've read every thread on scripting that I could find and the questions I'm about to ask weren't covered in those threads. For the most part I've been successful with my modifications and reverse-engineering how the scripts work. I've been playing spiderweb's games since whenever G1 came out, it was one of the first games I remember playing, actually. The questions I have are more about what is and isn't possible than how to code stuff except for a few specific issues. I'm working on G3 at the moment, but starting on G4. I know you can't add new creations, only replace them, but I have discovered that there's room to add new spells, there's unused numbers and I had no issue making a multi-target seater and a cool disruption breath attack with the reaper impact effects. I was wondering if there's room in the scripts to add new items like you can with spells, it's not like how with the spells it tells you which numbers are reserved for what up front and it's easy to check. second- can you make a spell that causes multiple status effects, like say poison and acid at the same time? can you cause something to do two kinds of damage at once? Also, what I'm having trouble with now is making AOE damage spells like Aura of Flames. I tried to make an acid based version to give to the Rothzidon, and an energy based one for shits and giggles. I assigned them each to a wand to test them, and while they aren't totally broken, they only work as single target spells. I tried a couple different things, copy and pasting from aura of flames and just changing damage types and visual effects, and the same method with the acid rain that was already there. After these didn't work I tried using the import function and still didn't work. I don't think its an issue with the wands since they work fine with the regular aura of flames in the wand of inferno. This is really bothering me because it's the only thing I haven't been able to figure out on my own. In terms of modifying creatures, I've had some issues assigning different attacks to them when I change more than one at a time. I had no problem with most of them but a few creation types were begin weird about it. I made a modified roamer and it seemed like I just couldn't change it's ranged attack. I eventually got that to work by changing where I put the line (further down than normal) but then I couldn't get the melee attack to change. I'm almost afraid to try adding a ranged attack to a melee creation (like giving the acid aura to the Rothzidon) for fear that the animations will be broken or something. Also, I don't think I've been able to find a reference as to what the numbers for each status effect are. I've been ok copying and pasting so far but it'd be nice to have a chart to look at like I do for damage types and stats and such. a couple things regarding items: could I give stat bonuses to ranged weapons like Thorn Batons and Javelins or would that break something? and item enhancements, how the hell do they work? I think there's some other stuff I'm forgetting but those are the most pressing questions. If anyone's interested, I can put up my current tweaked files. Some of the items I've changed are a touch OP, but in terms of creations mainly what I've tried to do is make sure all the upgraded versions you get with three points are actual upgrades. After reading a bunch of analysis's that pointed out how a lot of them were just recolors with a higher base lvl I was quite distressed. I think some might be slightly overpowered now but with some minor number tweaking they'd be well balanced. I gave Searing artillas an extra AP and a 3 target searer spell (which I might want to reduce the damage of), and a poison bite. The plated bug got some armor and a poison attack. The Thad shade which was already pretty good I gave the icy touch attack that all the other shades have and gave a nice blue color. The useless exploding roamer I replaced with a "Disruption Roamer" it has a 3 target breath attack that does disruption damage (so it slices through most creation's resistances but is totally useless against quite a few enemy types) that looks like the ice breath but makes the cool reaper explosion when it hits. I may reduce their health to make them more of a glass cannon because they're sort of OP for how low their essence cost is . Also they're teal and they glow. I want to give the rotzidion an AOE acid aura. Balance wise, I think my modded creations might be too good relative to other higher tier creations you can make, but relative to the foes you fight they aren't so powerful that it unbalances the game. My thad shade and first searing artilla are crazy powerful just because I kept them the whole game and they're really high lvl, and in G3 leveling up creations makes a huge difference, but when I initially shaped them they weren't out of balance. Even in the end game they only manage to hold their own and aren't just slaughtering everything. A freshly shaped one definitely wouldn't be able to compete in the end game. the plated bug is still rather weak, and the disruption roamer doesn't do anything to a lot of enemies at all, and the damage isn't super high. My main concern is that they make all the third Tier creations obsolete. 4th tier is still stronger.
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