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Found 5 results

  1. I was just able to get the character editor compiled against winelib, and yes, it actually works. The makefile needs the following modifications: CPP = wineg++ CC = wineg++ WINDRES = wrc Additionally the output filename must not contain any spaces, not even with quotes. There seems to be an upstream bug somewhere that messes things up otherwise. Also note that there will be a ".exe.so" file that must be in the same directory as the .exe file, with the same name. Changing the names after they're built will make them not work. But yeah, that's it. I'll see if I can also get
  2. Link (~2.711 MiB). This installer includes the three original SW scenarios (VoDT, ASR, and ZKR) as well as Bandit Busywork. The installer will create three shortcuts to the programs on the Desktop as well as a Start Menu entry with the three shortcuts as well as a link to the scenarios folder and an uninstaller link. This installer was built using NSIS and built using a Windows XP box. The actual binaries were cross-compiled to Win32 using the MinGW32-nightly makefiles (available in the svn). Although this is marked as an alpha, I have been using binaries compiled from trunk for se
  3. So I'm looking through Sylae's CBoE git code, and it looks to me like some PC skills aren't actually used. Granted I don't have a terribly good eye for code, here's what I see: Archery and Throwing are loaded into a variable, and then AFAICT never used. Ranged hit chance depends entirely on Dexterity, bless level, and item bonuses. Edged/Bashing/Pole Weapons skills are never factored into hit chance (again AFAICT). This is probably why they don't appear to increase it in the character info screen. Close combat hit chances also depend only on Dexterity, blessing, and item bonuses. I
  4. I just made a commit that adds a new node (General, 29) that sets the given SDF to a random number in a range given by the designer (ex1a, ex1b). This can then be used in combination with nodes such as the If-Then "Stuff Done Flag?" special. Feel free to test out the updated Game and ScenEd by using the CI builds available here.
  5. Just wondering if anything has been going on behind the SVN scenes with the game. There haven't been any notable commits to the code since Jun 2011. Who is still around these days, how are things progressing?
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