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Found 5 results

  1. I just hit the opportunity to go on the final mission and I've been clearing up the old quest log, and I realized that Silena's quest The Thinking Construct appears to be stuck. I've cleared every other NPC quest fine, but this one seems to be hung up waiting for a trigger. Basically, I saw the construct at the Rotting Border; talked to Silena about it; took her to check out the door, where she said she'd work on it; talked to Redbeard about the construct; talked to Silena about talking to Redbeard. The journal says something about how she's still working on the door and that I should check in with her occasionally, but there's nothing new in her dialogue tree and I'm about to hit endgame. Full disclosure, I basically never used Silena in my party. Doubt that matters, because I did the same with Khalida and her quest fired just fine. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on exploiting bugs in game? I've just found Pachtar's Plate in E3, and was playing around with equipment combinations to see how the encumbrance affected APs. Weirdly I found two different characters ended up with different AP for the same gear, and after digging into the original Blades source I found that only the encumbrance from the first 16 of 24 inventory items is taken into account. There's really no right answer. I don't much enjoy dying, so why not? On the other hand, deliberately exploiting this feels sort of weak - it's all on a slope to just hacking savefiles to make immortal characters, which I know I wouldn't enjoy. On the other other hand, it turns out I've been accidentally exploiting this for a while now, and it feels obtuse to deliberately punish myself by not doing it now I know. I guess I'll continue to exploit it but not abuse it, 4 or 5 encumbrance with no AP hit, which I was already playing before I found out. I have enough rings/boots of speed to bring my three fighters up to 5 AP, which lets them get in that second melee hit, so it's really quite an advantage. I've seen a few different takes on here for related things, so was just curious about what people thought. Cheers, //joleneth
  3. Scorched greaves are plate but give a +1 bonus to sorcerer skill Focus Mastery Corrupted, Frost-rimed, and Searing Scarab abilities appear to be using numbers from prior Avadon series, costing very little fatigue and having a fast recovery time. Is this intended? Acid and Shock Canister appear to have fatigue, icon, and turns to recover switched. Not sure if it's intended or not, but the burning goo effect can still be used to kill town npc's (tested it on Redbeard and misc npc's at Fort Foresight).
  4. Hey all! So, I've loved Geneforge back since it was released I remember playing it on an archaic Windows platform back in the day. I recently got the saga on Steam and was excited to play Geneforge 1 and start it all over... Buuut... Every time I click play it shuts down as soon as the window opens. I can click Change or Don't Change resolution and it doesn't matter. I tried DXWnd and the new one flat out didn't work, and the earlier version I found opened it, but it says the steam api_init failed. Any help? ------------------------------------------------------ I had my Steam through my regular documents and not program files, When I deleted Geneforge and reinstalled the game itself, it worked fine
  5. Hi, in one of the Empire Checkpoints I encounter I was given the option to leave or approach and talk to them, the one where you don't need passes, technically you need all of those passes to reach that checkpoint, I chose the second option but only they fired volley of arrows to my party, and when I chose the first option, yes it does close the dialogue, but I can pass beyond the checkpoint, leading to the namesake of this topic.
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