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Found 9 results

  1. So, I need to talk to one of the sages in Formello who won't when the shade is in town. So I teleport to Silvar and the Shade is there as well, back to Formello and the shade is there too. It is only supposed to be one shade. What gives?
  2. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and am in the middle of an Avernum 4 playthrough. I have 2 computers, my laptop and desktop. Both are relatively high end and can play pretty much any AAA game out there. With windows 7 I was having a bit of lag whenever I'd hold Tab down (to show names and stuff), but otherwise the game played smoothly and rather fast. Upon upgrading to windows 10 it runs so slowly that it feels like I'm trying to play the game on a 486 or something (and honestly it might run better on that processor). Its so slow that it takes about 10 seconds from the time I press esc till
  3. With the first Avernum trilogy completed, we move on to the second, with a new engine, a new story, and a new party! Those of you who want to catch up and watch my other LPs can see them here, here, and here. And now, let us begin!
  4. I've looked everywhere on the webz and this board. It's voted as best polearm in the game, but nobody gives its location.
  5. I'm on my way to fight Rentar-Ihro along with Kabraxaz and his party. We fight through teh gate, kill the pylons and I charge towards the second one to only be flanked by a pack of wolves. It is only after this I realize that Kabraxaz hasn't been with me in this fight, she is still standing in the corner where the last pylon was and her party is very, very split up. Nothing I do seems to get her to move. Is there anyway to get them to go along into Rentar's lair and if not does not having Kabraxaz affect anything?
  6. Hello! I recently completed Avernum 2 (finally) after a long time, thus completing the first Avernum trilogy (I'd already beaten Avernum 1 and 3 twice - they were that good!). Anyhow, one thing I do not feel comfortable with is the auto-combat that happens when your character(s) engage with any enemy, even something as small as a rat. In Avernum 1 - 3 I just let my warrior clean up simple enemies without having to engage in combat. That made things go faster. However, I am stuck with always entering combat in 4, which I don't like very much. Any way to disable this?
  7. First off, I want to say that Avernum 4 is one of the largest games that I have ever played, and that I have over 200 hours on it and haven't even finished the main quest. I didn't even spend that much time on Baldur's Gate. So here's my real question. I just defeated the Demon above the Tower Colony and he dropped a Flaming Sword. My lead fighter is currently using a Blessed Broadsword, and I want to know which is better. These are their stats: Flaming Sword:11-33 hit damage, +10% Fire Resistance, +10% Hit chance Blessed Broadsword:12-36 hit damage I almost want to use the Flam
  8. High there, I have just started playing Avenum 4 and have gotten stuck on the "Hunting the Gazer Beast" quest from fort draco. I have looked all over in the world and on the web and have not found anything that might point me in the right direction. Can anyone tell me where the gazer beast is? Thanks!
  9. I have two questions. The first is: what approximate level should I be in the Tower of Magi area of Avernum 4? Currently I am level 17/18 and every fight is a tossup whether I am going to get destroyed quickly or manage to push through. I just came from the Cotra area where I was fighting the bug guys and even there I felt kind of underpowered. I felt like every fight could quickly turn against me, and they often did. This leads me into my next question: Is there a resurrection spell? Almost every fight at least one of my guys dies, which means a long walk back to the nearest town, especia
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