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  1. 1 – Awakened Shaper, Veteran (the blind run) Part 1 I wanted to jump back into Geneforge on a nice, even difficulty for my experience level. You’ll quickly see how that worked out for me, but to make a long story short, before this, I used to actually think I was good at this game. I actually began my first game as a Guardian, since I remember liking the playstyle, but the Mutagen-original gate demanded I use the Firebolt Canister, I decided to restart as a Shaper because hey, the character in the opening scrawl is a Shaper, and I didn’t want to be saddled with an ability I couldn’t use (a running trend in my first playthrough is making decisions based on the original game, to interesting results). It had been three or so years since I last played Geneforge, however, and while the plot, characters, and general progression have been branded onto my gray matter over the course of 250 hours of playtime, I forgot a few small but crucial details to the fog of ages. The first roadbump is that I hate playing the Shaper class, and avoid it whenever possible, which is all the time. Quite a few (though not all) of my frustrations stemmed from me making a scuffed melee Guardian/missile Guardian/Magic Shaping Agent/support Shaper, or Generalist for short. My obviously sub-optimal build eventually had enough Leadership and Mechanics to get me through areas and gain some levels with minimal hiccups, which was good, because I was wholly incapable of fighting a fair fight outside of the tutorial. And I mean it: my modus operandi after hitting Vakkiri is to head to the ruined school first to pick up a level or two, as well as a decent belt. I quickly found that the Bandit Woods found a few problems with my plan, and those problems were, in order: Thahds Thahds leaping Thahds Dazing Thahds riposting Thahds having too much goddamned health Thahds eating half my health bar with one hit, holy-- These problems were exacerbated in the school itself, with just as many enemies per encounter in much tighter spaces. Eventually I decided to back off and do some quests around town, admonishing myself for trying to rush into the meat of things. “Take it easy,” I told myself as I read some updated lore, “soak up the old and the new. Shake the rust off and gain a level or two. Then you’ll crush this game in no time.” I did the usual stuff, finding a knife on the ground, unlocking a box, revealing a spy, taking a moment to, uh, marvel at my new ability to be just plain unpleasant to people. Learned a new word, “inutile”, that would definitely come up in future entries. Going up north to talk down some bandits and get Brodus to agree to-- ah, this is where that eventually rears its ugly head. I put most of my points into Mechanics for experience reasons, so I was a point short for the Leadership requirement, and combat-wise I was still working my way up to Rawbone, so I was stuck until I leveled up. I decided to break off from my personal route and go to Watchhill for now, to which Watchhill responded, “Did you forget what Bandit Woods just said? Here, I’ll reiterate: Thahds Thahds leaping Thahds Dazing Thahds ripost-- oh, you’re dead. Also, you don’t have enough Leadership to get Seerula to help you.” If you were there with me while I was playing, you may have said, “Man, you sure are dying a lot.” And you’d be right; I WAS dying a lot, a lot more than I did in the original Tricky. “Guess this game’s just harder than the original,” I’d reply. “Just means I need to get harder.” ‘Harder’ here means brute forcing my way through the school, saving like I had a drinky bird tapping the quick-save key, even battling the Enraged Fyora in the basin, a boss fight all on its own in this game. Finally, I had no choice: I had to fight Rawbone and the Ape Out gang in order to level up. I use my last blessing pods, my last meager advantage to close the gap between us and step forward-- oh hey, he has a dialogue option that gives him wrack status! I love that there are more Leadership options in the lead-up to fights. Being able to wrack or DOT an opponent is always great, a nice treat for those who put their points into that instead of pushing their damage output more. Really, I’d like to see options like this in pretty much all mandatory fights I can’t just ignore or bypass with Leadership or Mechanics. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, I whooped Rawbone’s ass; only took like four tries, and now I have enough Leadership to finish some quests, and get a free point in Spellcraft from the Mind. I’m pretty sure that was Firebolt in the original; talk about an upgrade! Know what else got upgraded? The spawners. No longer do they simply puke up a creation every turn that proceeds to try and kill me. Now they still do that, but also puke up weakening mist, poison spray, and some kind of thorn to also try and kill me, and usually succeed. Last time I was here, I couldn’t even make it to Watchhill proper through the sea of like… 8 rogues, and now, with Seerula by my side, I got far enough in to not make it to the spawner. No matter what angle I approached it from, I’d just get walled by an endless conga line of creations, neither side making any ground until I inevitably missed, or nearly as inevitably get hit by two to three critical hits in a row. “Wow, you’re really missing a lot of attacks,” the hypothetical you opines from the backseat as I die again. “You ought to do something about that.” “Well, I’m still in the pretty early game,” I reply, holding back venom. “I don’t have many options, so I just have to tough it out and fish for EXP after. Then I can level up my skills.” It was about halfway into my second playthrough of the game that I learned that hit chance was tied not to any skill levels, but to Player Level, and presumably the level of whatever I was fighting, meaning enemies with levels higher than I would ever have would be a delight to face in battle. “Maybe make another creation? I hear Thahds are pretty good.” That seems like a good idea, but it turns out the game and I get our Thahds from two very different places, and mine have a side of brittle bone disease with their Creutzfeldt-Jakob. “Be more of a Shaper? Just sit back and support everyone else.” Sitting back and letting creations do the fighting, chipping in with support is all well and good for some people, but I if I knew how to back down and provide support, I wouldn’t be single right now. Regardless, I had more pressing matters at hand, like figuring out how to keep my ungrateful lizard children from eating me. Also, my Fyoras kept going rogue. I had three, and their levels either matched mine or were a level above, because any less and they died almost instantly, typically after they went rogue anyway. Skill descriptions told me that another level in Fire shaping would strengthen my control over them, so I did it as soon as I leveled up, but it also raised their level by one, so it was a wash. Eventually I got lucky and killed the spawner, and compared to that hurdle, everything up to Pentil was almost easy. I even did Spiral Burrow for the Awakened and, while hellish, it was hellish in a grinding, bit-by-bit crawl like the successful school run, and not the same grinding, bit-by-bit crawl and also I die one to six times in every conceivable way like Watchmojo. I get to Warp in like half an hour, and beat it on my second try, and only because the backup swarm of Thahds took me by surprise. The discipline wand was a godsend when I remembered I had it. I was a bit disappointed when I saw that the wand changed from a weapon that deleted rogues to a few charges of Daze. However, I overall like the idea of wands being items like crystals and the blessing rods. I also like having more of them around to find and use to maintain advantage. I would appreciate them even more, however, if they could somehow stack, and not take up multiple slots of my 25 slot inventory. Inventory management wound up being a severe sticking point for me, not necessarily by being the biggest issue I had, but by being the issue I most often had. With only 25 slots, I almost never had enough space for the things picked up and wanted to keep on me, so it went to the junk bag. For some reason, once you put something in the junk bag, you can’t take it out again unless you’re in one of the four towns. You also can’t sell individual items in the junk bag while leaving others. You have to use the sell all option to sell everything, so if you have something you don’t want sold in there, and you’re at a shop that’s out in the “wilderness”, you’ll have to go to town to take out the item(s), and depending on if the towns even have money left to buy your swag (which the later you get in the game, the more likely that’ll be the case), go back to the shop to continue selling. This exact scenario happened to me more times than it really should have, as in it happened more than once. Not helping was that I was usually on my way to a tough gauntlet or from a looting spree which was why I had so many items on me in the first place. I just don’t think the current inventory system works as well as it could. A six by six grid or a junk bag I can freely move my items from and not barring me from taking things out of it unless I’m in one of four areas in the game. Quick edit because I forgot: The change that most boiled my piss between games is how the Tombs work now, the knowledge within only being accessible if you haven't put any points in the stat. Considering my "generalist" build, the fact that I was operating under the OLD rules for the Tombs (you can't get the point if the relevant stat is too LOW), and that I needed those points to be able to get to the tombs at all, I was deeply frustrated with this change. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  2. Obviously spoilers ahead in this thread The best part of Geneforge games to me is seeing your character grow from a pathetic whelp to a one man (several creature) army smasher. The second best part is the wide variety of endings in each game impacted by your choices throughout the game. What are some of your most and least favorites? Bonus points if one of your least favorite endings is a “good” one. My favorite ending by far is from the original Geneforge when you 1. Use the Geneforge 2. Kill both “bosses” 3. Destroy the Geneforge Which essentially boils down to you becoming an emperor of your own fiefdom with super powerful creations supporting your mini independent state. The loyalist, but canister abusing, ending in G2 evokes similar emotions, especially when the guardian frees you and you become a trusted, powerful agent of the shapers despite having been shaped yourself. Perhaps my least favorite is any of the rebel endings from G4. It just feels like I’m making the world a worse place unleashing the unbound, which is certainly an interesting moral quandary but one I am firmly against. I can’t find myself feeling good about it. What are some of yours?
  3. How do I kill The Spire's Heart in the Golem Factory? I've cleared all 4 golem spires, but I can't actually damage the final boss of the factory, he's immune to everything. Edit: I've currently got the factory control panel set to: Furnace Draw: Pull Generation Intensity: Medium Approach Paths: FL-2 Shielding Lower: Off Grid Alpha: Off Shielding Upper: Off Grid Beta: Off Generator Fuses: Offline Grid Star: Off Thalen Intensf.: High
  4. I'm currently in Castle Andesite; my party has killed every creature in there and searched everything that could be searched (I don't think I missed something). They are currently underground; there there is a room that cannot be opened if they don't have the key and the key seems to be nowhere to be found. If they leave the Castle and enter it again, some of the creatures have respawned, which means that the real boss is not dead yet; it's probably hiding in that locked room. Does anybody know where I can find that key? Please post your answer within spoilers tags, thank you!
  5. Forewarning, this post contains spoilers for later parts of Geneforge 1. If you haven't played through Geneforge 1 yet and wish to avoid spoilers, now's your change to click away from the page. More context in the spoiler, but to summarize I killed Sniff in Wooded Valley and I need to revive him. I don't care if it's through legitimate means, a cheat, or even modifying my save to reset the entire zone. Loading an old save is doable, but it's my last resort.
  6. I have now played through the game twice. Once on casual just to monkey around, and once on torment where I had basically everyone focus on projectile/bow use. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and experience, as expected (I mean, E3:RW was what got me into Spiderweb Games way back when...). Now I shall offer some parting comments from my experience. 1. No more lockpicks, and pure reliance on tool use. I welcome this change, but breaking into rooms sometimes has consequences, and is also a noteworthy roleplay decision. Even though we're not using lockpicks anymore, I wish that you would be prompted, "This door is locked, do you wish to attempt to pick the lock?" rather than automatically doing so. 2. I don't like unclearable quests. Particularly, with the unicorn horns and magic notes, I get why they have no end, but it would be nice if perhaps, after X quantity, the questgiver would be satisfied to clear the quest from you, but still accept further turn-ins. Likewise, I wish I could have told Ivanova "I'm not going to do it" and cleared that quest. 3. I like the junk bag, but I'm interested in a few tweaks. It would be grand if something currently in the junk bag could be used as a quest turn-in. On the other hand, I understand that some players might use the junk bag to protect an item from being taken by an NPC. Maybe a compromise is a way to choose to make any given item in the junk bag "unavailable" in case someone wants to use it that way (or in case they want to sell most of the crap in there, but had actually stashed a sweet armor in there, etc). 4. I'm going to have nightmares about bags full of fine clothes and herbs. I wish those had been stackable. I can see why they wouldn't have been, but 'twas a pain nonetheless, and we did have some other large stuff stackable such as bags of meal, coal, etc. 5. I think Jeff's favorite words are effluvium, fumarole, and sibilant. 6. One of my favorite things about more recent Spiderweb games are the varied endings. I felt disappointed that an "ending" system hadn't been worked up, and we basically got a "good job" screen. I want a little story as my reward for completing the game, and to see what weight some of my decisions carried. What if Erika survived? What if I killed all the dragons, does that wind up good or bad for humanity? If I get dark thoughts, will my life descend down unto madness? Will the Empire start being accepting of the Nephil - and will the Nephil accept that peace? I love epilogues where my choices mattered, and some of Jeff's games have totally provided them. Would be a quality addition to Ruined World remake, and I think it would add a touch extra replayability too. 7. It would be nice if you could combine stacks when tossing stuff into a chest/cabinet/barrel/etc. Instead you have to take the old stack out of the chest and into your inventory. I would enjoy being able to put chest/barrel items in the order that I want them, too. 8. Really enjoying the combined hotbar, and probably saved me a lot of time during battling and adventuring. Likewise super enjoying that it didn't cap my level at 30-something. 9. One playthrough I had four mages. Mid-game I was kind of lamenting how there wasn't enough quality gear that didn't "encumbers mages," but by endgame I had just enough, I think, and it never stopped feeling rewarding finding new pieces. Huge amount of gear suitable for non-mages, though. If I ever do another playthrough I think I'll do a party of archery priests. 10. Aba Boot Bucker.
  7. Does killing him have an effect on anything in the game (the ending or the destruction of any towns, etc)? I've already finished the troglo/giant quest, if that makes any difference.
  8. I seem to be taking too long to solve the plagues. Since I've had experience with the other games in the series, I decided to play in hard mode. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. The town of Colchis was destroyed. I'm not sure if that would normally happen or if it's because I went to the Isle of Bigail before I discovered Krizsan. I believe part of my problem is that I stole a book from Ernest and he sent me to "hell" for my crime. Since I haven't been able to survive that battle, I've been doing lots of running back and forth. Now that I've reached level 13 and gained a few extra spells, I think I might be able to handle it. How many days should I have spent to eradicate the slime plague? It's day 38, and I've finished with the slimes. I'm working on the cockroach plague now. Any suggestions about where I should go after I finish with the cockroaches? I'm so accustomed to taking my time in the Avernum games, and I probably do things differently than other players because I feel that I have to explore quite a bit in one area of the map before moving on. I'd probably feel like a failure if anything else is destroyed or innocent people die due to my taking too long. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  9. In the course of GF5, there are two examples of Ghaldring failing to act against someone or delaying to act, for no real apparent reason and in both cases there is the theory he does it out of sentimentality. SPOILERS AHEAD ***************************** The first is of course, Litalia. Ghaldring prevents Drakons from acting against her. According to Saakash, a lifecrafter working on new Unbound in the lab, Ghaldring nearly attacked Saakash once she cast doubt on Litalia. And if you kill Litalia for Saakash, he says that Ghaldring will understand, but she will inform him with a message because she doesn't want to be there when Ghaldring gets the news of his former ally's death. The second is a bit more puzzling. Tholoss, the Drakon inside some ruins. Ghaldring says that Tholoss would be useful and that he is respected. Tholoss himself though, says that according to Drakon custom, he should be dead since he challenged Ghaldring and that Ghaldring loses faces since Tholoss is alive. He doesn't know why Ghaldring doesn't kill him and theorizes it may be out of sentimentality. And yet, Ghaldring doesn't want Tholoss dead, just brought back. So... any thoughts on those?
  10. First of all, I'm aware that similar threads exist but most of those are fairly old, and I'm not sure what the policy on necroing old threads is here. Anyway, I just want to share my thoughts and experiences with the Avadon series. To begin with, I thoroughly enjoyed all three games though my favorite was definitely the last one. Throughout the series, I played with a Shaman as my main character on normal difficulty. In all of the games, I tried not to use the same companions for every mission, but some missions and other events sometimes made that a difficult goal. Avadon: The Black Fortress had a great story and probably took me the longest to complete. This was in part due to the amount of forced combat encounters in the game and the novelty of the series. In terms of difficulty, I feel it was the best balanced of the three games. In particular, it seems that most character combinations are quite feasible, and I used a variety of the companions throughout the game. In addition, I feel that the characters in the first game were developed a lot more than in the future games: the companion quests felt like actual side quests that allowed to fully understand your companions whereas in latter games, the quests got shorter and the choices didn't feel as meaningful. On the flip side, the companion quests took a good while to complete and while they were enjoyable, it was rather annoying to go find and rescue all four of your companions. In the end, I wa only happy with doing two of the companion quests: Jenell's quest because I saw no real harm to do it, and Nathalie's quest because Avadon could care less that that drake was dead. I went through Sevelin's quest, but demanded a bribe from Cahil because Cahil was apparently under the protection of Redbeard (much to my annoyance). Finally, by the time I got to Shima's quest, I w starting to get annoyed and didn't really do his at all. Not to mention that of all my companions, Shima's goal seemed the most selfish and dangerous. For the endgame, I used the Annotated Maps here mainly because it was late at night, and I really wanted to just finish the game. This game definitely had the longest endgame as I had to finish up the following morning. Nonetheless, I loved this game's endgame because it contained a huge plot twist that I did not see coming. In addition, you get the choice to fight the Wayfarer at the very end in Avadon for a very fun final fight. I was very disappointed to see that something similar wasn't done for the loyalist ends in the other two games. Perhaps most surprising (considering how many people say they reach the level cap half-way through the game), I never reached the level cap. Actually, I was not extremely close to it either -- if memory serves, I was around level 26 at the end. Though to be fair, I did skip a lot of sidequests. Avadon 2: The Corruption was a bit more annoying and less addictive than the firs game. It starts out with an excellent hook, but it kinda loses you with the first major quest. When I reached the Corruption with its extremely strong monsters, I lost interest. The difficulty of the Corruption probably played a huge factor, but the story just wasn't that interesting at that point for me. Sure, I want to hunt Miranda, and the Corruption definitely has an interesting background, but I kinda gave up as I was tired of making very little progress. I ended up taking a hiatus from Avadon and played Avernum 6 one-and-a-half times instead. (I got to the Eastern Gallery then started over because I didn't like how my characters were built.) By the time I got back to playing Avadon 2, I was willing to be a bit more patient and eventually got past the forsaken Corruption. If there wa one thing that the Corruption taught me, it was how to run: up until then, I literally engaged groups of monsters versus single monsters. I also learned how to effectively use the revive outside combat feature to my benefit. When I reached the first mission involving the Tawon temples, I completed it in a rather unconventional fashion, and I don't think the developers fully expected it to be completed the way I did it. First of all, in the perimeter of the temple, I kept getting murdered by Icy Bones and wa literally running (a lot) to try to get somewhere I could revive my party. I literally kept going in circles until eventually, I was either killed or until I managed to get around a corner without the enemy in sight. I could've probably saved myself a lot of trouble had I use some vitality (especially considering how little I used inside the temple...) to save myself a lot of trouble, but let's just say I'm ultra-conservative in both my consumable and vitality use. Anyway, once inside the temple (and figuring out how it works) , I went to the northwest area where the four priests are. I tried killing them all at once first, but that didn't work at all. So, I reloaded and tried to lure them one by one. That didn't work either as they always teleported my character away into a lone corner and no matter how hard I tried, my single character could not out damage the lone priest who kept using heal spells. I did realize something though -- One of the priests teleports your character to a remote corner out of view of the other priests. The priest never returns either. With that in mind, I reloaded and let my character get killed then revived in my safe zone. The other three priests unfortunately did not whisk you out of view of the others, but that was okay. I triggered the other priests' teleports as well, let my characters die, and respawned. This time, I made a run for it -- I ran for the basin while the three priests were separated from another and then ran out before they could kill all three of my characters. Needless to say, it worked (and the priests, interestingly enough, did not chase me. For the third basin in the southern part of the map, I did something even more ludicrous than what I did with the priests: I ran to the basin, then ran towards the center leaving behind one of my characters to be killed, allowed the character to die and quickly exited combat mode, did some talks, then fled the dungeon. I could have perhaps saved myself some trouble since there wa (thankfully) no final boss, but he, solving the dungeon tactically was an interesting change. (A note about the southern golems that activate with approaching the basin -- they will chase you until you or them are dead. I didn't kill them.) The companion quests were extremely boring in comparison to Avadon 1's quests: they were short and did not develop my companions' characters nearly as much. Khalida's quest was the most disappointing of them all. I did all of the quests because I saw no reason not to (except maybe the fact that most of them were boring and felt like a waste of time....). Alcander's quest was perhaps the most interesting, but it doesn't justify the other ones. A very interesting aspect of this game wa the scout companionship dynamic. I really did want to help Silke (in part for the medal), but I just could not kill Odil; I literally reloaded because I could not force myself to do it. While on the subject of the rebel fortress, I might add that I loved the Konstina fight. You have to figure how the fight works, but once you do, it is a lot easier and a lot more fun. Also, a bit of advice -- don't let Konstina flee southward; force her into the western corner. It's outside the circle still, but at least she'll remain within attack range. The Corruption Core (compared to my first experience with the Corruption) was one of my favorite parts of the game. The creation stories were very interesting even if they were faked. It also featured what was in my opinion the hardest fight in the game (minus optional bosses). The three linked fighters (1 shaman, 1 priest/mage, and 1 shadowwalker) were obnoxiously tough, and I ended up having to change my party composition about twice. The Miranda fight forced me to change compositions again. (The fact that the Miranda fight gets cut short surprised me and would have been useful to know as it was a pretty difficult fight.) I feel this wa kinda an oversight and probably not intended, but I made the endgame a lot easier by using a teleportation scarab. Unlike the shadowwalker's shadowstep ability, the teleport scarab has near unlimited range provided it is along a clear, straight line that is within your range of sight plus a few tiles. Between this exploit and the revive trick, I skipped a bunch of encounters and fights. For instance, inside the tunnel (after you fight that Defender something guy), I teleported past the spirits or whatever was summoned. Later, when I was back in Fort Foresight, I used the teleport scarab to slip past enemies (who were busy with my other two characters) and avoid a bunch of fighting. Once again, I finished the game below the level cap though quite a bit closer than the first game. I think I wa around level 27 and 28 at the end. Avadon 3: The Warborn was my favorite both from a mechanical and plot perspective although I favored Avadon 1's depth and content a lot more. The change in how vitality worked was very nice as I could start spamming abilities without worrying about running out of vitality for boss fights. I also liked a lot of the new abilities in the game. The passive radiate healing (etc.) ability was useful (though I feel that giv en he Shaman's weaknesses, it could've had a slightly longer range). From a plot standpoint, this game ties up a lot of loose ends. Some people don't like that, but I did as there were so many unanswered question in the first two games. I also like how my two favorite characters from the first and second game were back in this game (Alcander was nice, but I liked Khalida more despite the lame companion quest in the second game). There isn't much more to say for this game except that the Redbeard fight in this one is very doable. I managed to do it on Casual with only two hands (Botan and Nathalie -- I was more focused on the main quest and therefore skipped most of the companion quests) without the things to make the fight easier. Having a sorceror(ess) by the way makes the fight a lot easier as they absorb a lot of damage. Overall, loved the series and am already in a second playthrough of the first one on hard using a Sorceress.
  11. I'm nearing the end of the game as I have the four tasks to do for melanchion. I was going to do the Darkside Loyalists quest first, but much to my annoyance, I find the entrance area of their fortress completely blocked with magical barriers. (Area west of Spire, go down the trapdoor, and it's the room with 4 loyalist archers.) While generally not a problem, I have like a 0 in mage spells (fyi: I did cheat in quite a few fights, but in others I didn't -- It really isn't as bad as it sounds considering you cannot join the anama this game (which was very annoying to learn like halfway in....)) and 0 piercing crystals remaining, so I'm not totally sure how I'm supposed to enter. (And, forcing people to need level 11 mage spells is not something that I would consider good design, esp. since such a warning isn't given that it would be necessary.) So, does anyone know of an alternative entrance or people who sell piercing crystals (or will I just have to use the editor to up my mage spells skill))?
  12. So I think I broke whatever triggers the ending. I faction-hopped a bit, ending with the Takers. I wiped out Barzahl, the Radiant College, the leadership at Gheth and Medab, and the Awakened labs. I helped the Big 3 with their plans, but when Akkat used the Geneforge, I killed him, Easss, and then returned to Benari-Uss Shaping and killed Rhakkus (who apparently can run away quite quickly!). Then I killed Syros. I returned to the loyalist encampment to see if any dialogue had changed -- the leader there acknowledged Barzahl was dead, but no dialogue changed for the drayk/drakon deaths. So I returned to the Geneforge and threw in the gloves. Then I went back to the loyalist leader again -- no change. Do I need to go murder Zakary to get an ending?
  13. Chapter 1 Fort Ganrick [Game] Dig a Tunnel [Game] Escape the Tunnels [Game] Report to Vidican [Captain Vidican] Destroy Mysterious Barriers [Captain Vidican] Slay Nepharim Chieftain (XP, 400c, Shield Ring, 3? rep) [Captain Vidican] Visit Fort Draco [Gridley] Find Stolen Arrow Shipment (XP, 100c, Woven Silver Chain, 1 rep) [Gridley] Fort Draco Message (XP) Fort Draco [Anford] Bandits Under Fort Draco (XP, 150c, Woven Silver Band, 1 rep) [Anford] Travel to Formello [Kellia] Deliver Metal Bars (XP, 25c) [Harg] Deliver Marriage Proposal (XP, Warmth Ring) [Job Board] Valley Bandits (XP, 100c, Steel Shield) [Job Board] Inspect Barriers (XP, 200c) [Job Board] Lost Banner (XP, Iron Shortsword) [Job Board] Stalking Ogres (XP, 130c, Healing Potion, Shielding Potion) [Job Board, enter Verdant Valley] Black Basalt (XP, 100c, Iron Helmet) [Job Board, explore nearby areas] Delivery - Lair of Motrax (XP, 50c) Spider Cave [Mayor Spider] Recover the Spider Eggs (XP, access to dead Empire soldiers) Gunston Homestead [Tor] Kill Salamanders (XP, Nimble Chain, 1 rep, trains Cave Lore) Lair of Motrax [Captain Ko] Kill Brigands (XP, 200c, 1 rep) Formello [Graham] Stop Undead Raids (XP, Static Band, 2 rep) [stoppard] Stoppard's Potions (Healing Potion, Curing Potion, Speed Potion, Energy Potion) [Townsend] Leather Crafting (Deadeye Cloak, Mercuric Leather, Drakeskin Shield // After getting Magi Clearance: Radiant Belt, Dragonskin Gloves, Radiant Greaves) [Mysterious Shade] Travel to the Vahnatai [Job Board] Find Slith Outpost (XP, 100c, Speed Burst Scroll) [Job Board] Remove Lizard Infestation (XP, 200c, Drake Hide Gloves, 1 rep) [Job Board] Message - Silvar (XP, 200c) [Job Board] Investigate Tower (XP, Healing Elixir, Curing Elixir) [Job Board, after Find Slith Outpost] Destroy Slith Outpost (XP, Treated Carapace, 1 rep) [Job Board, after Stop Undead Raids] The Dark Altar (XP, Basilisk Fang Wand, Wisdom Crystal, 1 rep) Outside [shade] Slay Hidden Ogres (XP, Total Consciousness) Chapter 2 [Game, enter Long Tunnel] Contact the Vahnatai Chapter 3 Avit [bon-Ihrno] The Vahnatai Ritual [bon-Ihrno, after The Vahnatai Ritual] The Olgai Council Olgai [Council] Recover Three Crystal Souls (Caffren: Duelist Rapier, Vyvnas: Mercuric Chain, Jekknol: Sage Longbow) [Council] Fort Haledon Orders Egli [Lith] Find Drake Tooth (Jade-Studded Chain) Resting Cell #4 [Abra] Kill Ice Lizards (XP, Spirit Prism) Mancuso [Tokor-Te] Slay Gaddika (XP, 2 Wisdom Crystals) [Aeon] Kill Mancuso Hellhounds (XP, Archer's Band) Tower of the Magi [Game] Meet Mahdavi [Mahdavi] Destroy the Empire Portal [Mahdavi] Pyrn's Portal Lessons [Mahdavi] The Onyx Scepter [Vincent] Find Drake Tooth (XP, Protection spellbook) [Kelner] Destroy the Serpent Cult [XP, 4 rep, Smite spellbook] [suzanne] Find Fire Lizard Egg (XP, Curing spellbook) Chapter 4 Mertis [Anhara] Get Gold Ring (XP, Mica Band) [Elmer] Kill Silo Bugs (XP, Iron Halberd) [Lynn] Destroy Honeycomb Brigands (XP, Speed Potion, Invulnerability Potion, 4 rep) Silvar [Elspeth] Find Nance (XP, Stout Heartwood Shield, 1 rep) [Captain Arlen] Rescue Nephil Slaves (XP, Serpentskin Helmet, 3 rep) [Gary] Sugar for Gary (XP and 200c each) [Job Board] Rampaging Ghasts (XP, 250c) [Job Board] Message - Ft. Dranlon (XP, 100c) [Job Board] Lost Boats (XP, Static Band, 1 rep) [Job Board] Nephar Investigation (XP, Speed Elixir, Energy Elixir, Invulnerability Potion) [Job Board, after Rampaging Ghasts] Purging the Spiral (XP, 1000c) [Job Board, not sure] Island Lights (XP, 100c, Crystalline Wand) Outside [Caitlin] Destroy Empire Caches (50c each) [Gremlins] Find Gremlin Women (XP, access to grove) Fort Dranlon [O'Rourke] Recover Giant Statues (XP, Hellhound Helmet, 4 rep) [Mairwen] Slay Elderan (XP, 500c, 4 rep) [George] Get Cheap Wine (XP and 20c each, 1 rep // ends at 50 wine turned in) Fort Duvno [Walner] Find Cure for Dread Curse (XP, Healing Elixir, Curing Elixir) [Commander Johnson] Destroy Hidden Sliths (XP, 300c, Tribal Warblade, 3 rep) Lair of Motrax [Enla] Find Drake Tooth (XP, Incantor's Ring, 1 rep) Little Vale [Waldby] Password for Waldby (Access to extra stock) Almaria [bevan] Find Sixus (XP, 1000c, 4 rep) [Julio] Pass Waterfall Warren (XP, Return Life scroll, trains) [Abby] Find Blue Pass (XP, 1 rep) [Abby, after Find Blue Pass] Find Gray Pass (XP, Emerald Chain, 2 rep) [Job Board] Aranea Fangs (XP, 100c, Energy Elixir) [Job Board, after Aranea Fangs] More Aranea Fangs (XP, 200c, Speed Elixir, Invulnerability Elixir) [Job Board] Message - The Castle (XP, 100c) [Job Board] Vahnatai Style (XP, 150c) [Job Board, after Vahnatai Style] Vahnatai Crafts (XP, 250c, Piercing Crystal, Wisdom Crystal) [Job Board] Fate of Kyass (XP, 1 rep) The Castle [Gilda] Find Empire Records (XP and 100c each) [King Micah] Destroy Garzahd [King Micah] Garzahd's Weakness [King Micah] The Guardian Runes [King Micah] Rentar-Ihrno's Aid [King Micah] Travel to Erika [King Micah] Ask Erika About Garzahd [King Micah] Locate Demonslayer [Rone] The Blessed Athame [Rone] Obtain Demonslayer [Lorraine] Visit Harston (XP, 2 rep) Patrick's Tower [Cochran] Cochran's Potions (Crafts: Speed Elixir, Energy Elixir, Invulnerability Potion, Wisdom Crystal) [Rita] The Orb of Thralni [Patrick] Find Vahnatai Artifacts (XP, 1200c, Deciphering Lens, Summon Shade spellbook) [Julz] Locate Borgia Toadstools (XP, can read west tome) [Julz, after Locate Borgia Toadstools] Get Graymold Salve (XP, Invulnerability Potion, 4 rep, War Blessing spellbook) Dharmon [Malka] Malka's Medicince (XP, Ruby Necklace, 1 rep) [Guther] Steal Dharmon Tools (XP, Starlight Greaves, -2 rep) [Rippel] Rippel's Crafts (Crafts: Blessed Broadsword, Blessed Breastplate, Warrior's Greaves, Shield of the Deep, Chaotic Halberd) [Job Board] Royal Command (XP) [Job Board] The Sludge Monster (XP, 200c, Rod of Battle) [Job Board] Lab Equipment (XP, Speed Burst scroll, Spineshield scroll, Stinktification Scroll) [Job Board] The Tiger's Den (XP, Bow of Storms, 1 rep) [Mayor Genevieve] Find Kothtar Plans (XP, 1000c, 4 rep) Blosk [Justin] Find Grahk's Peninsula (XP, +1 Cave Lore) [Vicky] Find Spy in Blosk (XP, 600c, 4 rep) [Job Board] Message - The Castle (XP, 100c) [Job Board] The Half-Finished Fort (XP, 200c, Energy Elixir, Speed Elixir, 1 rep) [Job Board, after The Half-Finished Fort] The Black Cube (XP, 300c, Girdle of Genius, 1 rep) [Job Board] The Chaos Codes (XP, Wand of the Inferno, Powerlash Scroll, 1 rep) [Job Board] Abby's Passes (XP) Cotra [Yong-Mi] Destroy Cotra Smelter (XP, 3 rep) Gnass [Pathass] Recover Slith Charm (2 rep, Ward of Elements spellbook) [Assotho] Find Massacre Evidence (XP, 1 rep) Fort Remote [Angarahad] Papers for Fort Remote (XP and 120c each, 8th gives Runed Plate) [Mother Madge] Replace Ankh (XP, altar gives Runic Blessing) [Commander Lori] Find Blue Pass (XP, 4 rep) Fort Emerald [Theresa] Help Wounded Soldier (XP, 1 rep) [Landren] Kill Limoncelli (XP, Heustess now teaches Dispel Barrier, 4 rep) Solberg's Tower [solberg] Report Weakness Erika's Tower [Erika] Talk to Athron [Erika] Talk to Enla [Erika] Finding Thompson Motrax' Cave [Ostoth]Ostoth's Chambers Olgai [Vahnatai Council] Sneak Into Pyrog's Lair Egli [Rentar-Dumbo] Get Mica Tome (XP, Phoenix Egg) Harston [suzanne] Food For Harston (40c each // ends at 50 sacks turned in) [sharon] Sharon's Craft (Crafts: Radiant Belt, Bandit's Cap, Acid-Etched Greaves, Archer's Protectors, Radiant Plate) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to: Sade (exact amount of wine bottles/food sacks that ends their quests)
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