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Found 3 results

  1. We should have some nodes to do quick and dirty arithmetic and logic checks. For all the following, Stuff Done Flags is the result, Extra 1x is Input A, and Extra 2x is Input B. SDF_ADD: Add SDF A and SDF B, store the result in Stuff Done Flags (A+ SDF_SUB: Subtract SDF A into SDF B, store the result in Stuff Done Flags (A- SDF_MULT: Multiply SDF A and SDF B, store the result in Stuff Done Flags (A* SDF_ADD: Devide SDF A into SDF B, store the result in Stuff Done Flags, rounded down (floor(A/B) SDF_POW: Raise SDF A by SDF B, store the result in Stuff Done Flags (A^ (will SDF limi
  2. Having SDFs that auto-populate to relevant info could make it easier to make more dynamic special node chains. Some ideas I have: SDF_CURR_COORD_X: The party/active PC's current X coord SDF_CURR_COORD_Y: The party/active PC's current Y coord SDF_CURR_TERRAIN: The terrain type currently being stood on by the party/active PC SDF_LAST_RESULT: For SDF logic, the last returned answer (1=true/0=false) Obviously there are more potential ideas here, I just vomited out some off the top of my head.
  3. Hooks will be conditionals that will, call a special upon being triggered. Some examples of hook types: A monster of type x is attacked Food is consumed The party steps onto terrain type x A specific monster sees the party The general idea is that these will run whenever a condition is triggered (and is scoped properly). Users should be able to scope globally, outdoors only, in towns, in specific towns. The hook will then populate some special SDFs and trigger a special (we can possibly include a way to scope the special type--for example town-scoped hooks trigger town specials).
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