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Found 2 results

  1. Finally, I've downloaded my copy of Avernum from Steam due to having a really bad internet connection and mostly due to our new house having no proper desks to play serious. I've made my build and it sucks, no I'm not going to change to casual because it's filthy, and I have a few questions. Does enemy level scale with me? Or not? I'm guessing it's the latter part because I get swamped by sliths everytime and I found some bats that I can smash to pulp without getting hit. If that's so, does anyone have a guide on what quest order is best to follow for maximum xp gain? Also, I've tried remaking my party from Darkest Dungeon, which consisted of a tank/damage, ranged damage, sorcerer, priest and now I end up reloading everytime my tank/damage I misses a hit. I just realized being a tank sacrifices your hit % because of all the trash armor you have to wear, so it seems that multi-classing is not a really good option. Plus, now I realized that not everything you find that's better in value than your current should be replaced, like leather greaves < leather pants. Leather greaves give you 4% armor and 1% chance to evade attacks but have a 5% chance to miss wherein leather pants give you 3% armor without any stat penalties. That's all for now I think, it's a pretty good game where you can't always have the fun of exploring because everything will try to kill you, sell prices are ridiculous, junk bags, talking spiders, where dragons are real dragons, some humor and finally damn the doors.
  2. Hi! I'm replaying Geneforge series right now and I'm trying to do things differently (specially with class selection). Right now I'm about to finish Geneforge 2 as a Shaper, and I'm planning to start Geneforge 3 right away with the Guardian class. I would like to see recommendations on how to build a Guardian, or simply just builds you like to play with this particular class (so, not necessarily the best ones, but just the ones you consider fun or interesting to play with). I'm used to play as an Agent and I had some problems to enjoy building my pure Shaper in G2. So, any ideas or recommendations for my future G3 Guardian? Also, I have a concern for when I reach G5. In my first playtrhough, G5 was the only game I didn't play as an Agent, since the Sorceress seemed pretty awesome. But I noticed that the "speed" spell and the "speed" effect in general had been modified radically. Maybe I was way to used to rely on the speed spell for obliterating foes with my agents, but I don't see if I would be able to play as a solo Agent in G5 without the magical AP accumulation. Is it viable? Or any other recommendation for playing Agents in G5? Thanks a zillion!
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