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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone! A friend and I want to play some more Fiasco but our other friends aren't much for roleplaying games anymore. It's a delightful game if you enjoy movies where everything goes hilariously wrong, like Fargo and Burn After Reading. It's played in one-off sessions without a GM, in groups of 3-5. My friend and I know the rules, and Dintiradan has offered to brush up on them, so we could theoretically handle 15 people in 3 separate games with their own rules facilitators. But let's hope we don't have to. So check the game out. If it sounds interesting, give us your responses to the
  2. Hello! I've read recent Jeff's interview ( http://venturebeat.com/2015/02/17/the-original-indie-dev-how-one-man-made-22-games-in-22-years-mostly-from-his-basement/ ) and I do have suggestions for the next game title. I think Jeff overestimates the gradual combat power growing in RPG. I think that there is very much joy in other critical aspects of true RPG. For now, the gradual power growing of a character (what if a next fight won't be tough?) takes too much attention, a genious game can fail that aspect and do not worry about it. I want to point out the next games: Fallout 2 (made i
  3. And there it is. A small band of survivors, marooned on a strange, deserted planet. A world of new magic and old technology, long-separated from civilization as we know it. Marooned will take place using the Savage Worlds system. if you don't have a set of the rules, a preview is available here (As Lilith did for TBS, I won't be expecting anyone to shell out money for this if you don't have the rules--we'll make it work). Characters will start out Novice with 0xp. As far as campaign length goes, I'm leaving that mostly up to the players. I'm guessing between 20-30 sessions, depending on ho
  4. The galaxy is in a delicate state. The long wars of Imperatrix Odeana, that devastated the Galactic Rim and nearly bankrupted the empire, have come to a close. Her son, Imperator Karaj, has brokered a controversial peace between the Empire and the Suzerain of the Rim, and has enacted sweeping reforms intended to restore the Empire to its former greatness. Meanwhile, the brilliant scientists of the Arcadian Free States are entering into alliances with the secretive and devout Coalition. Smuggling, piracy, and even slavery have returned with a vengeance, and rumors swirl of deranged de
  5. Greetings, everyone! I have been playing Spiderweb's games for about four years or so now, and I have been lurking in these forums for about three years (I may even have made one or two posts, but nothing relevant). I recently ran a Google search, as well as one in these forums, for Geneforge or Avernum conversions to a Pen & Paper RPG. How many results did it return? Google returned one post (not even a thread) where someone expressed their interest on such a thing. These forums returned, if I recall correctly, one single thread where someone did a bit of conversion to D&D 3.5
  6. There aren't usually many opportunities for adventure on the tiny island of Eressos. Most of its people live quiet lives, farming the rich soil around Ounolokisha, the volcano at the island's centre. Those who seek fame or fortune travel to Port Jynt, where wine (the island's main export) is shipped to neighbouring islands in exchange for the few luxuries the people of Eressos enjoy. When Eressians look to the skies, it's usually to judge the time of day or the likely weather. So nobody knew what to make of it when two months ago, a hazy red blot a little smaller than the sun appeared in t
  7. Or whatever it's called. I haven't played any D&D stuff aside from the MMO. And because reasons, now I want to try the pen-and-paper stuff people mostly talk about. And I doubt I have friends that know D&D tabletop stuff at school, so I prefer to play with AIs instead. Question is, what virtual tabletop thinggy stuff would you recommend for a beginner? I prefer a game with: -A story (optional, but much better with one) -Singleplayer mode (with AIs) -Easy to learn instructions -Good for beginners I admit that I only have a slight idea what I'm talking about. If anyone co
  8. Introduction It's been six months since the most recent conflict between the cities of Actan and Sactorria began. Ever since Sactorrian forces liberated the allied city of Revossa from Actani occupation in a surprise attack, fighting has broken out all along the border between the two territories. Because of this, Theris has become a very dangerous place to be, and yet it is during this time that you find yourself, for your own reasons, in the city of Actan and in need of work. While visiting one of the local watering holes, you spotted a flier requesting the assistance of skilled adven
  9. Legend tells of a magical inn that is of all worlds and of none. It is filled with nationless adventurers who, with nowhere left to go, stumbled upon it and stayed. When the multiverse is in need of heros, these lost souls sally forth and intervene. Or some such. Basically, this is a superior sandbox campaign setting to my previous proposal. It is, admittedly, a bit of a TARDIS rip-off (complete with having a will of its own and probably the ability to translate), but I think it holds promise. It lets you take the same character to drowned worlds with city sized ships, ancient ruins fille
  10. Hey guys, check out this kickstarter, it may be of interest to many of you.
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