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Found 13 results

  1. I've tried looking up guides and walkthroughs, etc, but none of them have contained any step-by-step instructions on how to find Bennhold. I've already killed Crenshaw and he told me he went to the Storm Plains. After that I have no idea what to do. What I would need is a comprehensive guide, like prerequisite quests, exact people to talk to, by name (not things like "guard captain" in [city]", items I might need, the order I do all these things in, being pro-rebel or pro-shaper for certain parts, whether I can be in factions, if I need leadership, etc. Pretty much everything. I can't find this guy for the life of me.
  2. I am sure the forums have gotten plenty of posts like this in the past, but most of them focused more on starting builds and not so much on progression. (Also, it is excuse for this board to be active once more.) Anyway, I would like some guidance on how to further advance my specific party. Here were their starting stats: Maverick - Level 1 Human Custom Pure Spirit Elite Warrior 22 HP / 15 SP 2 STR, 2 DEX, 2 INT, 2 END 0 MEW, 0 POW, 0 BOW, 0 THR, 0 QA 0 MSP, 3 PSP, 0 ARL, 0 SPE 0 HRD, 0 DEF, 0 TLU, 0 NAL, 0 AID, 0 LUC 2 PRR, 2 BLM, 2 MEF 71 Unspent Skill Points William - Level 1 Human Custom Nimble Fingers Deadeye 22 HP 2 STR, 2 DEX, 2 INT, 2 END 0 MEW, 0 POW, 0 BOW, 0 THR, 0 QA 0 MSP, 0 PSP, 0 ARL, 0 SPE 0 HRD, 0 DEF, 5 TLU, 0 NAL, 1 AID, 0 LUC 2 SHP 71 Unspent Skill Points Isaiah - Level 1 Human Custom Frail Natural Mage 22 HP / 15 SP 2 STR, 2 DEX, 2 INT, 2 END 0 MEW, 0 POW, 0 BOW, 0 THR, 0 QA 5 MSP, 5 PSP, 0 ARL, 0 SPE 0 HRD, 0 DEF, 0 TLU, 0 NAL, 0 AID, 0 LUC 1 MEF 35 Unspent Skill Points Leah - Level 1 Human Custom Strong Will Pure Spirit 22 HP / 15 SP 2 STR, 2 DEX, 2 INT, 2 END 0 MEW, 0 POW, 0 BOW, 0 THR, 0 QA 0 MSP, 5 PSP, 0 ARL, 0 SPE 0 HRD, 0 DEF, 0 TLU, 0 NAL, 0 AID, 0 LUC 2 MEF 62 Unspent Skill Points Here are their current stats (without gear equipped but including points from trainers and traits). Maverick - Level 14 Human Custom Pure Spirit Elite Warrior 65 HP / 41 SP 6 STR, 3 DEX, 2 INT, 6 END 4 MEW, 0 POW, 0 BOW, 0 THR, 3 QA 0 MSP, 6 PSP, 0 ARL, 0 SPE 2 HRD, 2 DEF, 0 TLU, 3 NAL, 3 AID, 1 LUC 3 PRR, 3 BLM, 4 MEF 46 Unspent Skill Points William - Level 15 Human Custom Nimble Fingers Deadeye 44 HP / 43 SP 5 STR, 7 DEX, 2 INT, 3 END 0 MEW, 0 POW, 8 BOW, 0 THR, 0 QA 0 MSP, 1 PSP, 0 ARL, 0 SPE 2 HRD, 0 DEF, 10 TLU, 0 NAL, 2 AID, 0 LUC 4 SHP 41 Unspent Skill Points Isaiah - Level 17 Human Custom Frail Natural Mage 38 HP / 83 SP 2 STR, 2 DEX, 4 INT, 2 END 0 MEW, 0 POW, 0 BOW, 0 THR, 0 QA 14 MSP, 11 PSP, 3 ARL, 0 SPE 0 HRD, 0 DEF, 0 TLU, 0 NAL, 1 AID, 0 LUC 2 MEF 2 Unspent Skill Points Leah - Level 15 Human Custom Strong Will Pure Spirit 36 HP / 123 SP 2 STR, 2 DEX, 7 INT, 2 END 0 MEW, 0 POW, 0 BOW, 0 THR, 0 QA 1 MSP, 14 PSP, 3 ARL, 0 SPE 0 HRD, 0 DEF, 0 TLU, 0 NAL, 0 AID, 0 LUC 4 MEF 44 Unspent Skill Points Some things many of you will notice immediately is that most of my characters have a ton of unused skill points, and I did not pick optimal traits for my characters. The latter was intentional; I think it's pretty boring to pick the same traits every time; the character building is arguably one of the most fun parts of the game. As for the former, I always found it weird that most of the character development is done upfront rather than gradually like in most of Jeff's newer games and in the Geneforge series. (The latter has some upfront choices, but it is far less than in Avernum.) Thus, I was very conservative with the initial skill point allocation and only trained what was absolutely needed for the start. I then spent between 5-10 skill points with each level up. I plan to keep that up, but I'm not strictly opposed to using up all my unspent skill points. As to the party composition itself, the roles are pretty basic. Maverick is my tank who is also good with a blade. William is a thief/archer hybrid. I kind of did mess William up. I didn't realize I should've put the tool use on my mage, and by the time I learned that, I was already a few hours in. Isaiah is mainly a mage, but he has substantial skill in priest spells as well. He has to stay out of trouble though; he dies immediately from pretty much anything that is not poison or acid. Leah is my primary priest. She has a point in mage spells because Smite was very expensive early game so I thought giving her Firebolt would be useful. That seems to have been a poor choice as she does about as much damage with a bow, and energy is more plentiful. Overall, the party has done pretty well so far. (Please note: I am playing on Normal difficulty.) I've managed to sneak past Almaria without too much difficulty, and I have explored the vast Great Caves. I've managed to make it as far as Fort Saffron. I've also done the first shade-related mission (the one where you get the essence from the shade in Blosk). I am however stuck on the sulfurous flats mission. That mission feels like it is more difficult than it needs to be. The party works really well against single targets, but it struggles with scripted ambushes. One thing I am considering is adding enough mage spell to William to cast Unlock Doors, but that seems a bit expensive. Being able to unlock every door isn't a high priority, but it would be nice. On the other hand, I would prefer not to miss anything major due to a locked door (such as a spellbook or really strong weapon.) Another thing I am wondering is how I should build up Leah. She already has some mage skill, so it would seem logical to give her a secondary role as a mage, but my party could use a second tank. As I mentioned, ambushes are a weak point of this party. I think a second tank may help balance things out. I am also trying to decide which skills to leave to trainers; originally, it was going to be "pretty much everything", but in hindsight, that's a really bad idea. I am thinking I will just train the lore skills and hardiness normally though I might try waiting on the others. Anyway, this is a lot of words just to request some advice as to how to proceed with building my party. Also, if you have any tips for the sulfurous flats, those would be appreciated as well. I have already destroyed the pylons, but the wyrmskins are deadly considering I haven't figured out how to get only one of them to attack me at a time.
  3. I am trying to join Alwan's faction, and to do that, I need to complete the control core B quest that involves the synthesis mind. I am currently having a lot of trouble with this quest, so I am wondering if someone could help me. I am currently not able to even survive the initial round of combat after I challenge the synthesis mind. It does its lightning aura radiation thing which wipes out most of my health and then it kills me immediately with its normal attack. My first question is thus: how am I supposed to survive that? I am playing as a lifecrafter on hard difficulty, and the synthesis mind always gets to move before I do. Is this a sign that I am underleveled for the quest? I am at level 22 so far. My stats are as follows (with equipment): Strength - 0, Dexterity - 5, Intelligence - 11, Endurance - 4 Melee - 1, Missile - 3, Quick Action - 2, Parry - 2 Battle Magic - 2, Mental Magic - 2, Blessing Magic - 3, Spellcraft - 0 Fire Shaping - 2, Battle Shaping - 10, Magic Shaping - 1, Healing Craft - 2 Leadership - 10 + 1 = 11, Mechanics - 10 + 2 + 1 = 13, Luck - 1 I can create Fyoras, Roamers, Thahds, Clawbugs, Battle Alphas, and War Tralls. I could also create a wingbolt if I leveled up my magic shaping.
  4. Where is the key located in the crumbling labs? I can't find it even after searching for it multiple times. The gamefaqs walkthrough was unhelpful; I checked the northeast area multiple times. Here is a link to an image of my minimap; if someone could like circle in red the relevant area, that would be extremely helpful: https://imgur.com/a/sQmWlzf (Also, as a side note, how do you insert images? I tried using the "Insert Image from URL" link using the above link, but when I press "Insert Into Post", it just flashes red and does nothing.)
  5. Hey, I've just got to this part of the game and I'm a bit confused by which type of baton & thorns is appropriate for the purple & green mines. As far as I understand, I am to use a thorn baton of the corresponding colour to the mines. Lahnee, the servile NPC in the N of zone, said he had one to give me, however I couldn't find anything either on the ground or in my inventory. Now, I've attempted to use a Thorn Baton (green) equipped with ammo and with combat started (and without) and clicked on the green mines, however it is not a valid selection. I haven't been able to find any info online regarding this. Can someone help me please? Thank you for your time.
  6. I'm nearing the end of my first playthrough of Geneforge: Mutagen, and I can't seem to find the tablets Swanwick wants you to find to be able to make a cockatrice. His dialogue indicates they're in the quarters areas of the research warrens, and mousing over the research quarters on the island map shows that quest marker, but I've searched the entirety of that area multiple times, checking all containers, and I can't find any tablets. The only thing I haven't done in that area is kill Akkat, and I doubt that that's necessary to get the tablets. Does anyone know where they are?
  7. SO I'm at the point where I just finished the golem part of the game, and am running around picking up high end items/quests. I've got to the point in Drakos lair where you move mountains in the south end to get into the empty room beside the room with the pentagram (and I assume has stairs or a portal) but there is nothing there. None of the walls break and I've already hit all the switches. WTF is going on?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm trying to identify a game I played 15+ years ago! After much searching & research, I'm absolutely sure it's a Spiderweb game, though I haven't narrowed it down to which one. More specifically, I won't be entirely satisfied until I play the demo of it... because that's all I had back in the day. I downloaded a copy of Avernum 6 and Nethergate and was VERY excited. It may very well be an early version of Nethergate, but I'm hoping someone here can chime in. This was a demo I desperately wanted to back up, but couldn't, because it was too big for a floppy and I didn't know anything about file packing/splitting then. That computer self destructed like a decade ago (total hard drive failure) and any possible floppies long before that, so my copy is LONG gone. No idea where I got it, but I would easily bet money on the site also being long dead. What I remember: -Top down, isometricish visual style, identical to Nethergate/Avernum -I played as a Roman soldier, not sure if there were other options (it was a freeware demo) -You could pick up everything. Cups, rags, just absolute garbage for no reason. (again, Nethergate/Avernum staple) -Towards the bottom of the map, there was a goblin you could play dice with if you talked to him. (One of the enemy types in the game were goblins, so at this point you're accustomed to attacking them on sight.) If you lose enough and wanted your money back, or had just killed him outright, all he has on him are standard goblin drops and the set of dice. -To the West (maybe North West) the only way to progress is by crossing a bridge. Blocking this bridge was the Demo Dragon, who tells you you've reached the end of the demo and need to buy the full game to go further. You can continue to play as much as you like, just not beyond that bridge. I did grab a demo off the official site around 6 months ago, but it may be a remake (or at least a different demo) because it had a very similar progression stopper. I think it was a magic bridge? Literally a bottle necked bridge that tells you you've reached the end, please buy the game. Again, I was ECSTATIC to find Nethergate from a vague childhood memory and actual years of fruitless searching, but (if at all possible) I won't feel entirely validated until I run into that dice goblin & demo dragon again. Thank you for your time if you read this far! Any input would be super appreciated!
  9. I seem to be blocked from places that demand a stronger power of Dispell Barrier higher than 3. I have 3 and the barriers complain that I need a higher level. Is there really a level 4 to be had somewhere (like where?) or is it secret code meaning I don't have some important component? My main mission seems to be stuck so I'm thinking these barriers may hold more information. Thanks in advance. Also thanks for a great game!! v1.0.1
  10. This one's a long shot but you tech-minded folks might be able to help me. I'm kind of a pedantic completionist when I play games with faction divisions. I like to make a BIG save after doing as much neutral stuff as I can, then progress down to all the faction endings in order to experience as much of the game as I can in one go, since let's be real, these games are longer that God's penis and when there's 4/5 factions that's just too many to leave for future playthroughs. Worked great for G1, 2, and kiiiinda 4, though I only got the 'helped the rebels' version of the ending. Not too fussed about 3 and 4 though since with only TWO options I can just play the Shaper version in a year's time. For G5, I decided to again play rebel-aligned, however with that Shaper Cora...Cora... something... guy-who-can-make-Shapers-forget-you're-rebel-scum, I figured I could still give all 5 factions a crack if I was careful despite making rebel decisions throughout the meat of the game. I ALMOST succeeded in this, but I buggered up Taygen. Didn't realise helping Camp Dranir locks you into failing his first loyalty quest and totally shuts down any ability to join him, so now all my saves are from too far in and there's nothing I can do. HOWEVER, I remember back in 3 when my rebel PC buggered up Icy End by annoying a drakon in a nearby location, wound up turning the town hostile and screwing me out of some quests. A google search saved me, someone had some miracle code thingy in answer to another forum question that just... made Icy End friendly again. Entered it, worked a treat, got my content back. So uhh... in short... MAGICAL COMPUTER PEOPLE, HELP. xD Is there any kinda totally cheat-tastic code to trick Tay-tay into thinking I didn't bugger up? If not, ehhh, I guess 4/5 ain't bad, but I kinda wanted to see what that horrible nazi bastard had to offer, dammit. Replies to the tune of 'you're a bad roleplayer' need not apply, I am aware of myself and fully accepting of it.
  11. Expect this post to expand greatly as more information is added! Please make a new topic if you have questions to ask that aren't answered here. General Advice Concise, robust info on skills and party building Tips for building a Singleton (1-PC party) on Torment difficulty Detailed Info Atlas: where to find items, quests, and other miscellany Magical equipment and their stats Items to keep for quests List of crafters Buyable collectibles (crafting items, etc.) Cache List (Cave Lore spots) Quest List (with quest-based reputation gains) Edgwyn's marvelous maps and where stuff is List of the locations of pretty much everything imaginable Skill and spell trainers Level 1 and 2 spell locations (cheapest/earliest) Level 3 spell locations & requirements (old thread here) Level 2 and 3 spell bonuses Dikiyoba's guide to passing the Third Guardpost. Deep Analysis Critical hits & Luck Haste Abilities, Sniper, & Gymnastics Best Simulacrums (Capture Soul creatures) Summon mechanics Damage calculation utility Mods Minor cosmetic changes (Dikiyoba's) Minor graphics/coloration changes (Potawan's) Sound effects volume changes (Mercy's) Gameplay mod (GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman) Just For Fun Garzahd is a Noob Petty Pleasures Exile Wars
  12. So I'm playing through G5 as a rebel, and I'm killing all the council members. I'd already assassinated Alwan, I stroll into the Zephyr Oasis and merrily begin slaughtering everything in site, get to the palace, and Sage Taygen is nowhere to be found. I went through the whole zone killing everything and he didn't appear to be anywhere. I already flushed the purity agent in Kayar's spire, could that have affected it? I just need to know where this dude went so I can kill him like I'm supposed to.
  13. Hi! I just went to Fort Foresight and found Timon, who gave me some quest. I really don't know what should I bring to him and where should I look for this stuff. And the most difficult part is there are no manuals and how-to's for this (sub?)mission.
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