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Found 4 results

  1. [Crossposted from CalRef] Attention rebels and recruits! It is time to gear up and take arms against our alien overlords. I am your Commander, and I will lead you into battle and keep you all alive. With reloading of game saves if necessary! The aliens will not be able to resist our mighty chat, nor our chatty might! They probably can't resist our long periods of silence either! Here is our team! As you can see, I am missing some nicknames. If you want come up with some, or suggest any other changes, feel free. I may or may not take them, and will update the album as necessary. PS: Bring supplies. We really need supplies. PPS: Dikiyoba is getting really attached to this hat. Someone find this hat for Dikiyoba in real life.
  2. keira


    Is there any interest in having an online chess tournament thingy here on SW? I know a couple of people have been all like yeah, and I took the liberty of setting up a web-based interface and rating system. So if anyone would be interested in doing this or something, say so I guess.
  3. I've gotten tired of dealing with the various issues that come with a co.cc domain and have therefore decided to spend 15 bucks on a real domain. All links to *.calref.co.cc will now 301 redirect to their calref.net counterparts. What does this mean for you' date=' you ask Well the aimhack wiki is now at http://aimhack.calref.net and the RP wiki is at http://rpwiki.calref.net And on the off chance you visit calref main it's now at http://calref.net too. As mentioned earlier, all existing links will automatically redirect you to the new .net URL. But these things always fail so if you see something fail please contact me below or in a pm or something. I'm still using a calref.co.cc emails though because tbh google apps is a pain and all my college stuff goes there and god forbid I try to change the email on my gpg keys.
  4. Attention anyone who has wandered across my website (http://calref.co.cc) in the last 48 hours: A little prick passwordguesser got into the domain registrar and changed all of my A records to some site in Russia. Unfortunately, I have been having severe connectivity issues lately and just assumed it was something with my lovely ISP. It wasn't. Thankfully, the bot or w/e didn't change my password so I have been able to reverse the damage. I've replaced the ages-old password with one with significantly more entropy and whatnot. This won't happen again. However, to anyone who has visited my site or any subdomains (read: rpwiki.calref), I strongly recommend you run a quick virus check just in case, especially if you ended up redirected to a .ru website at any point. My deepest apologies, I feel horrible for this happening (for those interested, the IP was when it should've been, i strongly recommend blacklisting if you know how)
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