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Found 1 result

  1. So I'm just frustrated with Jeff's handling of Angierach right now. It's one of the more important dungeons in the game, because of the Crystal Soul. It should be creepy and suspenseful. But it's not either of those things. It's just boring and badly done. 1. The Arena battle is way too long. There are loads of monsters with lots of HP but no interesting tricks. So it was just a long, long, boring fight. (At least they couldn't actually kill my party members, because at least it meant I didn't have to redo the fight and get frustrated because of that.) 2. I'm okay with the Twelve becoming the Ten (even though twelve is a cooler number than ten, and it leaves the fortress with an empty corner, and it would have been easy to replace the nagas with two drakes or eyebeasts or some other intelligent magical creature), but why is one of the Ten a random cryodemon with no name when the other nine clearly have names? It's too easy to miss that the cryodemon is actually one of the Ten and not just a random demon the rakshasi summoned, which is what I thought on my first playthrough. Ugh. 3. The text boxes when you approach the living quarters of some of the Ten are all messed up. The Rakshasi have Midori's taunts. Midori has the old naga taunts (plus her own, just outside her chamber). Down the main hallway, the human taunts are too early, being closer to the Crystal Soul chamber than to their chamber. If you approach the humans via the efreet chambers, you don't get human taunts at all. You can also avoid the efreet taunts by going into their room via the human chamber route. 4. Midori is now just some crazy lich. Her motivation? Crazy. Her cruelty? Crazy. Is she evil? No, just crazy. Is she an interesting villain? Not anymore! Was it heroic for my party to slay her? Not really; it's awfully hard to feel good about killing a crazy person. 5. The new text for Quinby is boring. The original stuff is great, telling the party about his torment and helping you escape. But then he's all "I suddenly no longer care that you have avenged me. Look at me fading away!" He was literally flashing red with anger earlier, now he feels nothing? His new responses are out of character. Dikiyoba.
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